Love & Hip Hop: The Aftermath

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After Chrissy socks Kim, Emily cries. What do you say after that? If this happened to anyone else the police would have been called and someone would have arrested.

Chrissy tells Jimmy what happened while they are in bed. Jimmy is hardly paying Chrissy any attention.

Barry, Somaya investor wants to see her perform. He has already given her thousands of dollars, that is some series hope. Somaya and her manager are at her dentist talking about her upcoming performance. The dentist was in a sequin top! I guess she was ready for her 15 minutes.

Somaya is upset as Maurice her manager changed her dancers with notifying her.

Yandy has drinks with Olivia and Somaya and they discuss the Chrissy and Kim fight. Yandy wants to get Chrissy and Kim in a room, to squash the argument, why? Did she not see how Chrissy behaved,Chrissy will hit her again, she just doesn’t like Kim. Somaya invites everyone to her showcase, Olivia politely declines as she was previously disrespected by Somaya.

Kim meets with Emily to discuss what happened with Fab. Why would anyone know Fab had a baby on the way or Emily was in the picture, I didn’t know and he never claims or has never claimed her!! I’m sorry to say Emily, Fab was never your man. You should never have to fight for monogamy.

Yandy, on her side interview looks like she is reading from a cue card. She and Chrissy have pedicures and discuss the fight. Since when was Yandy the peacemaker? She also buys a book for Chrissy called the The Daughter-in-Law Rules: 101 Surefire Ways to Make Friends with Your Mother-In-Law!. Chrissy thinks the book is crazy. Yandy’s must have just have had a foot rub as that pedicure was over quick!

Somaya is practicing at her home and Maurice shows up and they fight, which was so unnecessary. Somaya needs as much help as she can get. Why fight the manager who has helped you this far. Although it’s not very far, I admit. During rehearsal the men dropped Somaya and why is she wearing jackets that are too small for her breasts all the time!

The showcase is here and Olivia decides to show up after all. Somaya started off ok but she was stiff and didn’t even try to dance. She changed outfits and her pants zip and button were open. Oh dear. But she kept the show going and didn’t let that phase her. The show seemed to be a success for Somaya. Olivia thinks she was not good. Olivia what are you doing?

Mama Jones’ song came on, after Somaya’s set. Why? The song sucks. Yandy gets up and dances like it’s the number one song in the world. Of course Chrissy is pi**ed. Chrissy and Yandy argue about money as that is all Yandy seems to be concerned about according to Chrissy.

Chrissy and Emily have dinner at Vespa’s. Chrissy apologizes to Emily who feels an apology was not needed.

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