Love & Hip Hop: The Car & The Girlfight – Recap

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Jim and Juelz had a bet, Jim lost and had to buy himself a white car. How is that losing? Does Juelz have ownership in the car dealership?

Chrissy, Teairra Mari and Emily meet for drinks and the conversation turns to Kimbella of course who Emily calls slutty, multiple times.

Jim brings home the new car and Chrissy is upset as she sees that this car and spending this much money without informing her, is his priority, he then calls out her thousand dollar shoe hauls as not making him a priority, really Jim? Shoes & a brand new car are not the same thing. They try to talk about the car situation on the doorstep. Jim pretends to not know what Chrissy has an issue with. She wants to get married and have children.

Chrissy meets with a fashion designer for Jim’s clothing line and she relays what ideas she has for the line.

Yandy meets with a video chick, model and wanna be actress – Erica Mena, who is a new member of Love & Hip Hop. Who wants to be represented by Yandy. Erica let’s Yandy know she does not like Kim at all, like that isn’t a recipe for disaster.

meets with Teairra Mari and talks about Emily and Fabulous. Olivia has an issue or as she calls it is, ‘worried’ that Emily is back with Fab after he has cheated on her, multiple times, publicly. Olivia wants Teairra Mari to talk to Emily. Has Teairra Mari joined the cast of Love & Hip Hop too?

Olivia: Are you smashing?

Olivia is so classy.

This time around Jimmy and Chrissy meet with the clothing company and a rep says, let’s sell some coats. Jimmy and myself, when I watched thought she said “Let’s sell some coke“. Chrissy asks Jimmy to legally make her a part of his clothing label, so her role would be legitimate. Jimmy is not too excited about this and asks why didn’t she state this before. I don’t think Chrissy knew what she was getting into and wants to make sure her hard work is legally rewarded. Chrissy later goes to see her Aunt Cookie and Uncle Ralph and we see a loving set-up scene of them walking in the park and having cappuccino’s, which led to the I want to get married talk.

Chrissy: I don’t want to get married, to someone who doesn’t want to marry me.

Aunt Cookie thinks Jimmy should talk to her husband Ralph. We know that is not going to happen. Chrissy tells Jim,  but he is not up for it and doesn’t do that, but states he will talk to Ralph. I am surprised. Chrissy is beyond relieved we know she wants Ralph to steer Jim to marrying Chrissy as that is what she wants.

Olivia talks with her cousin Jackie about the situation with her mother. They are both in tears. When will we meet this woman, she sounds terrible!

Kim invites Teairra Mari to lunch along with Yandy.

Teairria Mari: Some of the women may misunderstand you, you’re overtly sexy

Yandy, who was late, sets up a lunch date with Kim, Teairra Marie and Erica. Teairra Mari did not hold back and immediately came out and told Kim who arrived first, what she thought about her, to her face by herself! Take note Kim. Erica and Yandy join the mix. Erica states she has met Kim in Miami and that they are on different levels. American Express GiftcardsErica is really cemented her place in season 3 of Love & Hip Hop and Teairra really want to be a part of season 3. Erica goes in hard on Kim about the type of modeling Kim has and is doing. Kim throws the first drink, why, Kim? You cannot fight! Of course Erica stands up and goes after Kim. I like a good cat fight. But Kim and Erica are all types of wrong and classless. If Kim is not on your level why did you then stoop beneath and bring your trailer self by throwing drinks and fighting? Then Erica calls the police.

Teairra Mari tells to run and get up out of there.

Yandy is a huge instigator, she knew this mess would hit the fan, then waves her hand around like a deer in headlights asking, “Where am I, what happened”? Yeah Yandy, we don’t believe you are innocent in all of this.

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