Love & Hip Hop: The Decisions & The Getaway

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Yandy tries to set Erica straight explaining, that her behavior was unacceptable starting that argument with Kim. She is trying to cover her tracks. Erica is immature and fighting because you think you’re better than someone is just plain dumb.

Nancy makes Chrissy lunch and they have a nice conversation and Chrissy tells her about the book Yandy bought her called The Daughter-in-Law Rules: 101 Surefire Ways to Make Friends with Your Mother-In-Law!.

Kim and Teairra Mari (her again) talk about the girl fight. Teairra Mari states that her behavior was not acceptable. Kim breaks down crying telling her story and why she was upset, Erica mentioned that Juelz has another woman.

Kim: She’s 70lbs with two air balloons on her chest

Chrissy, Emily, Tearria Mari & Olivia have dinner and discuss the girl fight mess.

Kim informs Yandy about why she threw the drink and explains her father cheated on her mother. The dysfunction in her family made her not want her children to have the same upbringing. Yandy’s own father was addicted to drugs, she states she doesn’t know how to let a man be a man, as her mother was a strong person who ran the household. Kim states she and Yandy are close that even their menstrual cycles start on the same date. Umm ok.

Yandy has lunch with Nancy and Nancy tells her that the book she bought for Chrissy was not her place. Yandy probably came from a good place, but it is none of her business, even Nancy told her as much. Yandy visits Rich and tries to pawn off Erica as a singer to him. Has Yandy even heard Erica sing one note? Yandy brings Rich to one of Erica’s photo shoots and she tries to “sing”. Granted it was on the spot, but from the little I heard, Erica needs to stick to modelling. Poor baby, go back to looking pretty and fighting your baby’s daddy and other women. Yandy talks to Juelz Santana about the Chrissy situation, Juelz asks Yandy if she is ready to walk away, she is not sure. Yandy later states she is done and quits.

Chrissy tells Jim she needs to get away, she needs a break. Jim pretends that he doesn’t know what’s going on with Chrissy and what she wants. Chrissy tells the ladies that they may be coming to help her pack if Jim doesn’t get on board. Olivia is going to be performing so they plan to go to Miami for a break along with Teairra Mari.

The weather is gloomy unfortunately in Miami.

They talk about how long they will all wait for a man to settle down. Chrissy breaks down and divulges that Jim keeps calling her while she is away. I feel Chrissy’s pain, she loves Jim and wants to make a life with him and make some babies.

Chrissy: His communication skills suck balls

Jimmy appears from nowhere and asks to speak to Chrissy, who didn’t appear too surprised that he was there. He seems a little sheepish like he couldn’t speak properly. She starts to raise her voice. Chrissy true to form is stunned that he turned up and asks, “Why you roll up on me like I owe you money? Do you have some info for me? Jim pulls out the box and shows her the ring and says, “I got this info for you. Do you wanna marry me?” He gives her the ring and she cries. It wasn’t a fairytale proposal but I am glad he surprised her and gave her this gorgeous ring!!

I hope Chrissy and Jim don’t have a 7 year engagement. Get married next season!!

Next week
Jim Jones surprises Chrissy in Miami with a touching proposal. Kimbella faces the demons of her past by meeting with her mother & the demons of her present by meeting with Erica to squash the beef. Meanwhile, Teirra Mari and Olivia are both being courted by super producer Rico Love. It’s a three way that creates instant tensions. Exhausted and fed up, Yandy resigns as Jim’s manager. And when they meet at a club in Miami, the long simmering feud finally erupts in an epic face-off.

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