Love & Hip NY, Atlanta RHOA Stars Celebrate The New Year!

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The Love & Hip Hop NY & Atlanta stars celebrate the new year!

The Stars Are Bright In Miami @mimifaust #UNSTOPPABLEMG 2014″ – Nikko

What a year I had. The overexposed Coochie pic, the constant media bashing, the very obvious shade throwing towards me, winning best new artist at the soul Train awards, #1 R&B album, to V.S.O.P hitting #4 on the charts! SHEESH I thought I couldn’t get any stronger but this year made me a beast! It was me against the world and I made it. I didn’t always handle things right, but I handled them MY WAY. Always honest and straight 2the point. I thank my Rebels 4 being my backbone, y’all fight hard 4me EVERYDAY. I love you. People can say what they want about me, and never give me the accolades I deserve, but they can never take away my gift. It’s even scary to me my ability to connect with so many strong people and broken hearts. I shook this industry up,They can stay mad, cuz to them I’m not supposed to be here right now. But I kept my middle fingers held high and focused on HEARTS not the CHARTS❤ Atlantic Records and MBK have smothered me with love. Love I didn’t even have for myself. Who would’ve thought this little country girl that everybody counted out would make it this far. I’m not class favorite, never wanted to be, but I am the REALEST. You don’t have to like me, But YOU WILL RESPECT MY GIFT. My music I like this woman I have become. My momma prayed for me, and my God saved me. He is worth of all my praise! – K Michelle
K. Michelle-nye

Happy new year ☆☆☆ love my @snob_boutique dress 2nite! – Amina
Amina Buddafly-lhhny

Quick recap of #2013 & more! Time to move ahead getting ready for #2014! Past years…. It’s been real ✌️✌️✌️ #flipagram #newyearnewchapter – Rasheeda

After the Ball Drops We Headed to DC!! Club #Lux we turning Diz bishhhh on fire. #hostedbymenmynicca – Joseline

joseline-stevie j-lhhatl-nye

@msericadixon @sunnymonroe305 @johneley this is the before pic for the New Years @osheadamodel #LovingmyCrew I’m exactly where I need to be – Karlie Redd
karlie redd-lhhatl-nye

HAPPY NEW YEAR #2014 WE ARE READY!!! Super Blessed to see another Year!!! #LadyInRed #suite135nyc ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #BossLadyOnHerWay #suitelife – Tahiry

Happy New Year y’all – Bambi
bambi-lil scrappy-lhhatl-ny

Brought in the #newyear with the crew Kandi, Toya, Todd, Phaedra, Apollo, Kirk, Roble, tangodollar, billiondollarboybizz, MS Shirleen, camcambi Herschell & more!! #2014 – Rasheeda

Happy New Yr fm #Vegas 2014!! NeneLeakes CynthiaBailey #goodtimes #fun

cynthia bailey-mynique smith-nene leakes

Kickin off new Yrs in Vegas NeneLeakes gregleakes gofootball365 #fun #2014 almost – Mynique

mynique smith-nene leakes
The BEST Husbands gregleakes gofootball365 bringing in the new yr #2014 NeneLeakes – Mynique
gregg leakes-chuck smith

LUV my baby @gofootball365 bringing in 2014 #Vegas – Mynique

chuck-mynique smith

Beautiful couple @CynthiaBailey @PeterThomasRHOA @gofootball365 fun night & they brought good luck #2014


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