Love & Hop Hop – Episode 2

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Chrissy Lampkin

Emily asks one of her clients Darrelle Revis, who Olivia stated she was dating and he tells Emily he hasn’t seen Olivia in over a year, hmmm, why the lie Olivia?

Chrissy still has a problem with Somaya and doesn’t think she is ready to release her music.

Jimmy’s mother Nancy plans a Hawaiian theme birthday party for Jimmy, grass skirts and all. Hawaiian? Which 34 year old adult male hip-hop artist has a Hawaiian theme party in New York?

Jim in his side interview insinuates he is ready to put a ring on Chrissy. We will see.

Next week: The Yacht
Chrissy sees Somaya perform, and tells Jim she’s not ready to record, which leads to a blow-up between Somaya and Chrissy.

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