Reality Wives Exclusive: Lyndon Smith Speaks About His Attempted Murderers – Karen King, Scrapp Deleon & Sas

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Lyndon Smith-lg

Lyndon Smith

Karen King who has popped up on season 5 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is one crazy, evil woman. I spoke to her ex-boyfriend Lyndon Smith, and he told me his tale about the thieving, drug dealing, maniacal, wicked mother of the century Karen aka KK.

Lyndon met Karen in Los Angeles, in 1991, he had just got out of prison for drug trafficking, specifically cocaine. He was introduced to her, and he soon after moved in with her which started their on and off relationship. Lyndon was still selling drugs and spent most of his time in Alabama, spending a few days in Los Angeles with Karen. Their relationship was more than tumultuous, he says every time he was with Karen, something bad was always happening to him – someone was always trying to break into his car, his home, or set him up to get caught at the airport. He realized after everything was over, that it was probably Karen and her cronies.

Lyndon met Karen, when her son Scrapp (Will) was 4. They soon had a son together Lyndon ‘Sas’ Smith. Lyndon also had another son Alonte, who’s mother was not in his life much, his mother is not Karen. Alonte spent some of his time with his father in Alabama and with his brother Sas and Sas’ mother, Karen as they were close. Sas was born in June 1993 and Alonte was born in 1995.

He says, “I would have drugs hidden in the home, when I came back she was gone, the furniture was gone and all the drugs were gone.”

Karen is 5 years older than Lyndon, who is now 51.

When did you find out what she was like?

She has always been like that, she was always coming up with elaborate money schemes. I was a criminal so of course I was interested.

Lyndon Smith, Karen King, Will Cortez Robinson (Scrapp), Alonte Smith (Sas) & Lyndon Ahlik

Roderick Burton II (Dolla), Lyndon Smith, Karen King, Will Cortez Robinson (Scrapp) & Lyndon Smith (Sas)

The two were later caught in a counterfeit scheme where Lyndon served 16 months. Karen ran and was hiding from the police.

“I believe she ran, because she needed to take care of her kids,” Lyndon says understanding Karen wanted to put her children first.

When Lyndon was released from prison, Karen was caught and gave up information on Lyndon that enabled her to avoid jail time.

So what happened? He tells me the backstory of the attempt on his life. Lyndon was living in Alabama, and Alonte never liked Alabama so he moved to Canton, Georgia where Karen was living a the time. Karen informs Lyndon and claims that his son Alonte was acting up and she couldn’t handle him any more, he was staying with Karen for two months at the time. So the plan was that Lyndon would drive over to Georgia and pick his son up and bring him back to Alabama where he would take over primary parenting responsibilities. He believes Karen wanted to lure him to Atlanta to do him harm. He knew there would be a problem as Alonte couldn’t stand being is Alabama, but he loves his children and he wanted to help out as much as possible.

So during this time, Alonte gave the impression that he didn’t know of an attempt to kill Lyndon his father, and he also had no idea of the plan to get Lyndon to Atlanta under the guise of moving him to Alabama.

So Lyndon drove from Alabama, to pick up his son in Canton, Georgia. Once he arrived Alonte was disrespectful to his him. Lyndon and his 16 year old son got into a physical altercation, where Lyndon had Alonte in a choke hold – Karen broke up the fight with a butchers knife and calmed everyone down. Karen about 30 minutes later suggested she and Lyndon go furniture shopping, so he could cool off. What? Who does that? Lyndon thought this was strange but because he wanted to help he obliged. The furniture shopping was for Scrapp and Tiarra’s son King. Karen wanted to rent a u-haul truck, but wanted Lyndon to pay for it instead, so Lyndon rented the truck in his name for her.

Whey they returned back to Karen’s home, after shopping, he wanted to go home as he was tired. Lyndon says Karen and Alonte spoke quietly among themselves, but he doesn’t know what they said. Karen then suggested they go out to eat. After eating, Karen wanted Lyndon to put the furniture together, a baby bed for Scrapp’s baby. He wondered, why wouldn’t Scrapp do this for his first born son.

“I realized this was just to bide time,” Lyndon surmises.

Karen tells Lyndon that Sas was moving in with Karen to put his mind at ease. So basically at this point, he drove to Georgia for nothing. After they ate they returned to Karen house. Lyndon then decided he wasn’t going to drive back home that night as he was tired plus he had an alcoholic beverage. Karen and Alonte were the only ones in Karen’s home. Karen had her two dogs with her, Amari and Isabella two Shih Tzu’s. Amari is the dog you see on LHHATL.

Lyndon with Will (Scrapp), Alonte (Sas) & Lyndon

Lyndon with Will (Scrapp), Lyndon (Sas) & Roderick (Dolla)

Early the next morning, on the 4th March 2012, Lyndon did as he was asked and assembled the baby bed and diaper changing table as Karen had asked him to. Lyndon then paid for and returned the u-haul truck and sees Sas’ car backed into the garage – he thought it was strange as no one ever parks in Karen’s garage as it’s normally used for storage. Karen had two garages attached to her home, (see picture below), a two car garage, and a single car garage.

The house where Karen lived in Canton, GA where she ordered her sons & their friend to kill Lyndon

The house where Karen lived in Canton, GA where she ordered her sons & their friend to kill Lyndon

Lyndon walked into the house, and only saw Sas, Lyndon thinks Sas was warning the others that Lyndon returned to the home.

Lyndon saw, Melvin Floyd (Twin), a friend of his sons, who was in the single car garage with Sas’ car a Chevrolet Malibu with the trunk open as he walking into the house. Melvin didn’t greet Lyndon as he normally did. Once he entered the home, he was then knocked out and he guesses he was hit with either a crowbar or baseball bat. The first hit he was knocked down and unconscious. He believes he was hit again and with the second hit he came to and saw the images of people standing over him they were beating him up viciously and furiously, punching, kicking and using either a bat or crowbar to assault him.

“I saw, Will (Scrapp) Melvin (Twin) and Robert (Amigo a friend of the boys) they were beating me up. I heard Karen’s voice in the background telling them to kill me. I was in shock and I tried to move but I couldn’t move. I don’t remember anything else. I don’t remember being in the trunk of the car, I wasn’t able to address my attackers. They didn’t give me a fair chance to respond to them, for them to say, I’m going to beat your a**, so I could respond. I was out cold. Alonte was the only one who didn’t attack me.” Lyndon recalls.

“Alonte told me later that they forced Twin to drive my car, while I was in the truck, unconscious. Amigo pulled a gun on Twin to make him drive, he didn’t want to, so he was under duress to drive me back to Alabama. They got to Oxford, Alabama and were pulled over by state troopers for a routine stop. Melvin told the police he was driving his moms car.”

Miraculously, the police officer pulled over Melvin, then found Lyndon unconscious in the car’s trunk, if they had followed through with the plan, Lyndon would have been dead and found decomposing in the trunk of his car. Karen then went on the run and was featured on an episode of America’s Most Wanted in October 2012.


Lyndon Smith bloodied, beaten & left to die

Everyone was charged with aggravated assault with intent to murder, aggravated battery with intent to disfigure, kidnapping, armed robbery, and several drug-related offenses. They all bailed out except Alonte who was made to sit in jail for the kidnapping charge, while the case was pending. Lyndon believes this was so they could use this against him as his son was only 16.

Lyndon says, “They thought I was weak for him, so I wouldn’t testify against him.”

scrapp d-karen king-sas-mugshots

Scrapp D (Will Cortez Robinson), Karen King & Sas (Lyndon Ahlik Smith)

Lyndon claims that Karen’s lawyer Tanya Miller, offered him $25,000 from each person for ‘restitution’ to him for not testifying against his attackers. Isn’t that illegal? Tanya is the same lawyer you saw meeting with Scrapp on a recent episode of LHHATL.

Alonte Smith, Melvin Floyd & Robert Silva Jr

Alonte Smith, Melvin Floyd & Robert Silva Jr

“I didn’t appear during the court appearances. I felt if I didn’t testify Alonte wouldn’t get 25 years, which is what they were facing. Why should I have to testify if they were caught red handed. I did make a statement from UAB Hospital (University of Alabama at Birmingham) though.”

Not one person served time or was even found guilty, even though they were caught with a beaten, bloody and unconscious man in the trunk of a car. They all got 10 years probation, due to a plea bargain. Alonte was released from jail, after the case was over.

He lists the many injuries sustained during the attack – multiple skull fractures, multiple rib fractures, blindness in one eye, nearly losing his right eye. He had reconstructive surgery on his face. Unfortunately Lyndon had no insurance, but thankfully a local doctor took on his case and did his surgeries for free.

“I was told I wouldn’t walk again, God is good.” A grateful Lyndon says.

Today Lyndon is disabled and on full disability, as he suffered from extensive head trauma , obviously, he suffers from blackouts, his sleep apnea got worse, and he has been diagnosed with psychological paranoia disorder, he also doesn’t trust anyone – which of course is no surprise.

Lyndon spent 3 weeks in hospital and had 2 surgeries.

So why on earth did Karen want Lyndon dead?

“The only think I can think of, was I didn’t want to be with her anymore. I was making my own money without her and she wasn’t in on any of my deals. I didn’t want her in my life for a partner. I never touched her or laid a hand on her. I never hit her. I cheated, but we weren’t in a committed relationship. I didn’t even know she was pregnant. She hid that from me. I found out when she was 6 months pregnant as I mostly stayed in Alabama.”

dead man tell no lies-lyndon smith

Lyndon Smith’s book ‘Dead Man Tell No Lies’

So why are you coming out with a book, why come out about the attack now. 

“I have been writing the book (Dead Man Tell No Lies) and the manuscript for a while. Them being on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta gave me the platform for my voice to be heard. When you’re in the bleachers who can hear you screaming? Now you know them, you will know me. They used their image as killers and actual mugshot of the kids due to the crimes committed against me. They created this atmosphere. I’m not dead. No more Mister quiet guy.”

What were your thoughts knowing Karen and sons tried to kill you.
“I feel my sons were manipulated by Karen.”

But what if Alonte wasn’t manipulated and wanted you dead?
“He would have to live with that.”

This is only a small portion of Lyndon’s life, to get more details about his amazing story and miraculous recovery, check out, Dead Man Tell No Lies which will be available to purchase on the 1st June 2016. It details his life as a drug dealer, a hustler, ex-con and his viscous attack.

There is also a gofundme account set up for Lyndon, click here.

What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

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