Teen Mom | Pregnant Mackenzie Douthit Attacked, Sends Attacker To Jail

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mackenzie douthit josh mckeePregnant Mackenzie Douthit has suffered a number of mishaps recently. Not only has the 19-year-old reality star already broken her foot following a fall off her husband Josh’s porch, but now she was attacked and dragged across concrete on her stomach. Mackenzie took to social media to relay the entire experience saying:

“I came face to face with the most evil, selfish, ugly hearted women today. Im talkin three of me. But God must have an amazing plan for this baby inside me cause through the bad blood sugars, stress, and tonight shes still kicking;)….. hope she has fun in jail”

And in the Comments section was this message from Mackenzie:
“I cant get that pony tail and man hand grabbing me out of my mmind. I mean was it the devil or the trunchbull . Lol with my broken foot swollen leg and half my hair gone im someohow laughng and eating our sour punch straws. Love you your the best. A big women. . BIG… grabbed my hair and drugg me off a concrete porch on my stomach. But me and baby are alive and that’s all the matters. Her name was dez**** ******* I dont think I spelled I lt right. I would of faught back but shes like 300 pounds and evil and I have a broken foot and a baby in me. No she calld the cops on me and then beat … she thought I only would get in trouble. Of coarse I told the cops what she did. Lol.”

Probably the most scary posting by Mackenzie was when she said that she hasn’t felt her baby move but that there were no “other signs”, so she made her way over to the doctor to be sure her baby was healthy. We assume McKenzie is doing much better now as the following night she was photographed at a rodeo with Josh and Gannon. Obviously it appears a huge piece of the story is missing, including why Mackenzie was looking for Josh in the first place, why would she go to this woman’s house, and why did the two fight. I am hoping Mackenzie and her baby are okay.

MacKenzie and Josh share a son Gannon and they’re expecting a baby girl. What are your thoughts? Post them below.

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