BBWLA Malaysia Pargo Divorce Settlement, $14K A Month Child Support & More

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Malaysia Pargo-Jannero Pargo-md

Malaysia & Jannero Pargo

Basketball Wives LA star Laquisha Malaysia Pargo’s divorce is final from her former NBA star husband Jannero Pargo.

Malaysia will get half of her ex-husband’s NBA pension and his 401K, which a judge approved by default on the 12th April.

Malaysia gets:

  • a 2015 Mercedes Benz G550
  • half of Jannero’s NBA player’s pension plan
  • half of his NBA 401K savings plan
  • all rights to the company, 3 Beats LLC
  • access to three checking accounts & a money market account.
  • $14,580 in child support & $800 for child care.

Jannero will get to keep his 2015 Mercedes Benz G550, the profits from the sale of a New Orleans property, the remaining half of his 401K and pension plan and two checking accounts.

Malaysia also agreed to look for and return Jannero’s black diamond watch and black diamond chain.

They’ll both get to keep furniture, jewelry and any money they’ve made since their 2014 separation.

No information is available on how much money is available in the bank accounts, pension plan and the 401k.

The couple were married to ten years and Malaysia filed for divorce in 2014. The pair will share joint custody of their children. Jannero, has played for over a decade in the NBA with various teams. He reportedly made approximately $11.6M during his career.

Source: Bossip

Basketball Wives Basketball Wives LA

Basketball Wives Basketball Wives LA

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