Man Arrested Two Times in 3 Months for Having Sex With the Same Horse

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Man Arrested Two Times in 3 Months for Having Sex With the Same Horse. Cirilo Castillo from Texas was arrested two times in the last three months for having sex with the same horse. Hidalgo County deputies arrested Castillo earlier this week after allegedly catching him on video having sex with Nadia the horse.

Three months before, Castillo was arrested for having sex with Nadia. Texas does not have a law against bestiality, so the police labeled it cruelty to animals.

Via Houston Chronicle:
Hidalgo County sheriff’s deputies have once again arrested a man for having sex with a Nadia the horse.

Cirilo Castillo was scheduled to appear before a magistrate Wednesday to face charges of trespassing and cruelty to animals.

Castillo, 43, has repeatedly gone after the same mare, prompting her owner to set up a security camera in the corral where she is kept, said Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevino.

“We have a hell of a surveillance tape,” Trevino said. “It is not going to go to, ‘America’s Funniest Videos,’ that is for sure.”

Trevino described Castillo as a laborer and said he has prior arrests for theft, marijuana possession, and most recently, cruelty to the horse, for which he was released from jail in April.

“The guy is practically harmless, except for the horse,” Trevino said. “I can’t just ignore this and allow it to keep happening.

The sheriff said that this time he’s hoping to actually help Castillo by seeing if a judge can order him to undergo some kind of treatment to sort out his issues.

“Maybe we can get him some help, whatever we can do, we are going to try and do,” the sheriff said.

Trevino said that as the state has no law against bestiality, Castillo can only be charged with trespassing, and perhaps cruelty, if there is evidence the animal was hurt.

He said Nadia’s owner first realized Castillo was back prowling in the night after she found a mysterious bucket in Nadia’s corral on a recent morning.

Source: Houston Chronicle

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