Man Caught On Camera Having Sex With A Car

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This video reportedly recorded in Brazil is of a man violating a car. He is humping the car’s exhaust pipe. Isn’t this a mental disorder?

via Bro Bible:
Some people love cars, but this guy LOVES cars. This gentleman was so horned up that he mounted a Volkswagen and began humping it. Let’s see how many puns we can get out of this bizarre sexual encounter. Play along at home and submit your jokes in the comment section.

  • Fill’er up!
  • So that’s how cars are made.
  • They are really getting desperate for ratings on Pimp My Ride.
  • “No Tom, this is not what I meant by a banana in the tailpipe joke!”
  • This car gets rear-ended in the worst way possible.
  • So this is why my muffler is always falling off.
  • We have a carjacking in progress.
  • You trying to get the tailpipe?
  • Emissions tests are getting fucking ridiculous.
  • Favorite Movie: Cars
  • This car can handle a large load.
  • “I sat right here and said I didn’t want no TruCoat!”
  • Gas-To-Mouth
  • She’s only 5-years-old you sick freak!
  • I hope he at least bought her gas before all this romance.
  • No! It’s a Volvo, not a Vulva.
  • So wrong, doesn’t this sexual predator know that “Vroom means vroom?”
  • That’s definitely not how you use your dipstick to check the oil.
  • “I don’t mean to insinuate anything disrespectful, but you feel rather loose.”
  • Lube job, you’re doing it wrong.
  • Favorite Dating App: Uber
  • While some guys chase tail, this guy is too busy chasing tailpipes.
  • You’d think he’d pick a sexier car. Like a sportscar with some real curves.
  • Well he sure looked like he worked up a sweat, you could even say that he’s fucking exhausted

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