Man Dressed As Devil With Swastika Tattoo On Forehead Arrested For Disturbance

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Michael Carter, 26, was arrested Wednesday, after he was told to leave the convenience store, Kum & Go, near East Kenosha and South 177th in Oklahoma.

Broken Arrow police state an employee asked Michael to leave the store because he was wearing a mask over his face. Instead of leaving, Michael went into a restroom and locked the door.

Mr Carter also caused alarm due the many tattoos on his face, which included, a symbol of Poseidon on his upper nose, Roman numeral VI (6) on his forehead, the Hindu religious swastika on his forehead, the words, ‘Jesus Christ’ on his cheek, various Star of David’s all over his face, a scorpion, bullets on his neck and many many others.

Michael Carter dressed in red

Michael Carter dressed in red

Police state he would not speak or open the door for police. Michael eventually did open the door and when he did, he allegedly started cussing a police officer. A toy gun was also tucked into Mr Carter’s waistband.

Mr Carter was taken into custody and eventually transported to the Tulsa County Jail. He faces counts of obstructing a police officer, trespassing, obstructing or interfering with police, which is a misdemeanor.

He was locked up on $500 bond.

So many tattoos cannot be good for a sane man’s mind, body or soul. What was he thinking? What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

Source: KRMG, The Smoking Gun


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