Man Lies About Kidnapped Daughter, The Internet Goes In On His Teeth (Teef Keef)

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I read about this poor soul last year and each time I read the comments and looked at his picture I cannot stop laughing, tears and everything. The gentleman pictured below had some issues with the mother of his 2-year-old child so he claimed she was kidnapped for sympathy. When the world wide web found out about his lies, they decided to make fun of his giant veneers. For your entertainment only.


The best prayer/comment ever, came from a user who has since changed their name “SoSayGottaChill” to @LarryKushBurne:

Oh Lord I come to u this morning thanking u for allowing me to see another day Oh Lord but its something in my heart Oh Lord…there is a bigger problem Oh Lord ands it’s his teef Oh Lord…I know they not real Oh Lord I know he spent a check on em Oh Lord but did they run out of medium teef Oh Lord did he have to get the XXL White Tee Teef Oh Lord…they told him he would grow into the teef Oh Lord they told him don’t sneeze with ya mouf open cuz ya teef might stab u in the chest Oh Lord the installed a row of IPhone wall chargers in his mouf Oh Lord…they called him Teef Keef Oh Lord…EMan eem said give it up for Teef Sweat Oh Lord….the man could bite a piece of bread and make a doughnut Oh Lord…the boy teef look like blank dominoes Oh Lord…his teef got WiFi Oh Lord….we don’t eem know if he got a bottom row Oh Lord…the nig got the same mouf that fish had in Shark Tales Oh Lord…he look like the dog off The Mask Oh Lord…his teef are The Last Dragon Oh Lord…if he took a bite out of crime it would be a peaceful world Oh Lord…his teef look like kilos of cocaine Oh Lord…his teef got roadside assistance Oh Lord…his teef come with free nights and weekends Oh Lord….in Jesus Name We Pray…A TEEF…I mean AMEN Oh Lord.
– @SoSayGottaChill

I am dead on all levels.



You’re welcome.

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