Man Uses Hunting Bow & Arrow On BLM Crowd, Gets Beaten, Lies To Local News

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Thug Brandon McCormack in action

Yes you read that correctly.

Brandon McCormick who has got to be insane or on drugs, decided to go with his ‘all lives matter’ stupid self to a Black Lives Matter protest / riot and shout … get this, ‘all lives matter‘ to the crowd. When that didn’t work, according to an onlooker he said, “That’s it“, seemingly fed up with not being able to convert the BLM to ALM.

That’s when his bold very ignorant self, got out of his car and proceeded to try and shoot the rioters with … his hunting bow and arrow.

Are we in the twilight zone?

Gingers on fire tells the story on twitter: “A civilian brought a hunting bow to the #slcprotest and began shooting it at protesters. He got out of his car, yelled “that’s it”, and shot into the crowd before being tackled.”

“He was yelling and me, and then aimed his bow at a black man standing behind me. The black man saw it coming, charged, and tackled him.”

“The SLC police retreated and allowed rioters to light the man’s car on fire.”

“there were MANY other cars that were there. Protesters did nothing until he told them he had a bow and was threatening to shoot. They THEN attacked his car, and then he stepped out and retrieved the bow.”

And the icing on this mess of a Sandra Lee Kwanza cake is he went on local TV and told the reporters he was attacked.

Ginger says that, “I’ve just been informed that this man has been released from police custody and was seen looking at the wreckage of his vehicle. I will be contacting slcpd and offering this video and an eye-witness report of this attempted murder.”

I hope his car insurance company sees that he is at fault here. Also the police now know he purposefully brought a hunting bow and arrow to a riot!

Update: Brandon also had a knife at the riot.

Here is another view of his attack:


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