Married To Medicine Season 4 News: Premiere, New Cast Member & A Pregnancy?

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Married To Medicine-cast-Reality Wives

Married To Medicine has been off the air since October 2015, but good news fans, the new season will premiere in the fall, September 2016.

The cast will bring on the full time, return of executive producer Mariah Huq who was unceremoniously dropped from the cast of her own show during season 3. Along with Mariah, Toya Bush-Harris, Jacqueline Walters, Quad Webb-Lunceford, Simone Whitmore, Heavenly Kimes and Lisa Nicole Cloud will return along with newcomer Genise Shelton.

Genise Shelton-lg

Genise Shelton

Genise is married to Dr Courtney Shelton and they have 3 children together. Dr Shelton specializes in internal medicine and works with two practices in Atlanta, Georgia.

Genise is a realtor, fitness model, and a fitness competitor she competes under the name Nikki Spice. She also owns a medical transportation company.

Genise along with the cast has been pictured with the cast during filming for season 4. She right now seems to get along with everyone, but as your know, that could all soon change.

Rumor has it that Toya is pregnant, which could be interesting as Mariah sadly, miscarried her twins. Quad and Heavenly will be continuing with their over the top, extra selves as per usual and the drama will continue. Don’t forget Heavenly was accused of trying to mow down her neighbor with her car.

Jill Connors will not be returning most likely to her bizarre behavior after she attacked her husband and stabbed herself he then filed for divorce.

Courtney & Genise Shelton with their children

Courtney & Genise Shelton with their children

Married To Medicine-3-Reality Wives

Toya Bush Harris, Mariah Huq, Lisa Nicole Cloud, Heavenly Kimes, Jackie Walters, Genise Shelton & Quad Lunceford Webb

We’ll keep you updated. What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

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