Mary Mary | Season 3, Episode 2 Recap, “Tina Tells All”

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Mary Mary is back! With all the uncertainty surrounding the gospel duo, viewers were left wondering if the two sisters would remain a group. It seems that the much needed break the ladies took came in handy. Not only are they ready to get back into work in episode 2, but one of the Mary’s is also working on her solo career as well. Fans of the show know her as the more laid-back Mary, Erica Campbell. During this episode, Erica is very excited about playing her new single for her husbands record label, My Block Records. Erica and Warryn Campbell seem to be totally in sync about making the solo experience a success. Warryn also makes it clear to Erica, that he is serious about developing her into a star. He expresses that her new record A Little More Jesus needs to be a number one hit.

Tina Campbell, on the other hand is not in such a happy place as viewers learned in Episode 1. Her and husband, Teddy Campbell, are facing a tough time in their marriage. Everyone tuned in last night got a more clear understanding of why. Tina revealed that Teddy had been unfaithful to her, while she was traveling on the road with Mary Mary. She did not disclose every detail about the infidelity, but Tina did mention that Teddy had not been good to her for years. Tina was also upset that Teddy did not come to her with the information, but instead left her to find out on her own. Viewers know Tina as a strong individual, who does not ever miss a chance to speak her mind. This episode shows a more vulnerable side of the Mary that fans probably have not seen before. Tina Campbell expresses that she is deeply hurt, and uncertain about the future of her marriage to Teddy.

Infidelity is not the only hardship Tina is facing. Both Mary’s are starting to release built up frustration with their manager of two years, Mitchell Solarek. It seems that Mitchell is not living up to his end of the bargain, which is suppose to be bringing new opportunities to the tabel for the gospel duo. The ladies are unhappy with how the turbulent relationship with their manager has been going. So they give Mitchell an ultimatum. He is advised to either get his stuff together or get fired. Tina feels that he should be terminated immediately but Erica is set on giving Mitchell Solarek another chance. It is also made clear that Mitchell will not be managing Erica’s solo career because his managing skills are not good. Considering Tina Campbell is dealing with a hand full, Mr. Solarek may just be at the end of his rope.

As revealed in episode 1, Goo Goo is no longer a full time stylist to Mary Mary. While the two Mary’s were on a break, she was busy building up a new list of clientele.Of course, Mitchell, Tina, and Erica are not happy about the situation. During this episode the ladies have to style themselves once again. Goo Goo is no where to be found, but who can blame her? Family and business are two totally different topics. Goo Goo is not accepting being treated poorly by Mitch or continuing to play number two any longer. She is also dropping the extra baggage of being in an unfulfilling relationship with Justin. Tina was very happy to hear the news and Erica was pretty shocked. Erica did not expect the pair to break apart, although Mary Mary did not really care for Justin last season. What are your thoughts? Post comments below

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