Matt Barnes Child Support Reduced From $20,000 To $7,500 A Month

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Matt Barnes who has primary sole legal and physical custody of his sons with ex-wife Gloria Govan was just awarded a decrease in his child support for their twin boys.

Matt who was paying Gloria $20,000 a month will now have to pay just $7,500 per month. Matt is paying Gloria $3,750 per child.

The reduction comes after Matt being awarded primary custody of the twins Carter and Isaiah and he also won an 18-month restraining order against Gloria.

We previously reported, Gloria was arrested the Friday before Labor Day after Matt claimed she put the lives of their twin boys at risk by flying into a rang and using her car, blocking Matt and the children from driving away from their school. It was Matt’s day to pick up the children.

Gloria denied the allegations and ultimately prosecutors declined to press forward with criminal charges.

Source: TMZ

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