Matt Barnes Gets Sole, Legal & Physical Custody Of Twins Sons, From Ex-Wife Gloria Govan

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Matt Barnes was awarded sole physical and legal custody of their twin 10-year-old boys ex-wife for Basketball Wives LA cast member Gloria Govan.

The two have been in court for years and today Matt obtained an 18-month restraining order against Gloria claiming she’s a physical danger to him.

The restraining order was granted through May 2020, the judge doesn’t believe Gloria poses a danger to their sons so the restraining order is just for Matt.

During Thursday’s hearing, the judge ruled Gloria will get regular visitation, every other weekend from Friday until Monday morning. She is also allowed to have dinner with the children every Wednesday evening.

The two are still working out the custody arrangements for the holidays including Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Years.

As part of Thursday’s hearing, the judge also ordered Gloria to complete 26 sessions of anger management and 10 parenting classes.

Matt was accompanied in court by his attorney Samantha Spector.

We previously reported Gloria was arrested the Friday before Labor Day after Matt claimed she put the lives of their twin boys at risk by allegedly flying into a rage in her car, blocking Matt and the kids from driving away from their school.

Gloria denied the allegations and ultimately prosecutors declined to press forward with criminal charges.

Source: TMZ

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