Mob Wives Chicago | Season 1, Episode 1 – Recap

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Fight Night

Mob Wives Chicago is another creation by Jennifer Graziano, the daughter of Bonanno crime family consigliere Anthony Graziano. The premiere episode introduces us to a cast of tough, foul-mouthed, mafia-connected women ready to fight the world to defend their turf. Do these ladies have what it takes to win our hearts or just crush them?

Let’s meet these feisty ladies!

We begin with Renee Fecarotta Russo. Chicago is her town. We learn that Renee’s uncle was gunned down by his best friend and that Renee doesn’t associate with rats. I guess this is a clue that she will not be getting along with Pia. Renee is very judgmental and acts like a princess.

We then meet Nora. Nora’s father was a notorious hit-man but don’t ask her about it or she’ll cut you. Nora tells us that her father’s body was confiscated by the FBI right before the funeral. We learn that she is returning to Chicago from Florida to find out what happened to his body and to find closer.

Now it’s time to meet Pia. Pia’s father was a crooked Chicago cop that turned into a government informant. This guys is a real winner, basically he is loyal to no one except himself. Pia has to live with the stigma of having a rat for a father. To make a living she works in a strip-club as a pole dancer which doesn’t help her reputation with the ladies. We learn that Pia is good friends Nora and Christina.

Renee is cooking dinner for her oldest daughter. We learn that her oldest daughter has started visiting her father in jail. This pisses Renee off because she doesn’t like her ex-husband and is concerned for her daughter. Her daughter tries to make Renee understand why it’s important for her to visit her father in jail but Renee doesn’t understand and they just get upset with each other.

Renee and Nora meet up for lunch. We learn that Nora is planning a “Girl’s Night Out”, this should be exciting! Renee doesn’t care too much for Pia but she’s willing to go out. Next we is a scene with Pia in which we learn that her cousin, Anthony, met Nora at a club and Nora called Pia a “whore.” Pia is upset because Nora is supposed to be a close friend so why would she call her names, it must be the alcohol.

Next we meet Christina. Christina’s father was a thief for the mob. Christina is divorced but living with her ex-husband. As if that’s not strange enough, her family and daughter does not know that she is divorced because she is fearful of what they might say. In the next scene we see Pia inviting Christina to Nora’s “Girl’s Night Out” and confides in Christina about what Nora told her cousin at the club. Christina feels that Pia should confront Nora before they all get together but Pia is not in agreement.

Finally we meet Leah. Leah’s father is associated with the mob but they don’t talk about it. When he wasn’t around they just said he was in “college”, we all know what that means! Leah is a lively gal that lives at home with her father and is into neighborhood fat guys. Whoever Leah chooses to marry will have to accept her father too, they’re a package deal. Strangely enough I think Leah might be my favorite so far. In the following scene we see Christina and Leah shopping. Christina invites Leah to Nora’s party but Leah will be out of town, too bad.

It’s “Girl’s Night Out” and the ladies are meeting for drinks. Once all the ladies arrive the drinks start flowing. Renee confronts Pia about her father. Pia is honest and feels comfortable telling Renee about her father but makes it clear that she is NOTHING like her father. Renee still doesn’t like rats or anyone related to them. Christina asks about Nora’s dad being a hit-man but Nora denies it, I guess it’s a sore spot for her. Pia then confronts Nora about what her cousin said. Nora denied it and then they just squash it. Wow, didn’t see that one coming. Christina is not satisfied with the resolution and continues discussing the matter. This doesn’t sit well with Pia. Pia and Christina start arguing and then Pia gets up after calling Christina a “dummy”. Ok, now it’s going down! They start fighting and pulling each other’s hair until security comes to break-up the fight. YIKES!!!

Yes folks, that was just the first episode and what a roller coaster ride it was. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the season will reveal.

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