Mob Wives | Season 2, Episode 11 Recap

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by Melissa Cherenfant

Mob Wives, a cautionary tale of the repercussions of a fast and furious lifestyle, opens up with Drita finding her groove and hitting the club with her wing-woman Carla. Drita is single and ready to mingle! Let’s see what she’s got! Drita is doing good, she’s having fun and really enjoying herself but girlfriend has NO game and she admits to it too. Drita’s pick-up line is “…can you take a hit?” GEEZ, she needs help. We learn that Drita doesn’t want a man that she can beat-up, yes folks Drita has her priorities straight! Poor Drita, clearly she’s very rusty and a little scarred of dating but I give her credit for trying.

Later on we see Big Ang with Ramona and Karen sharing a nice meal and reminiscing over the “good ole days”. It was great back in the days, smuggling Italian food and liquor into jail for the men folk and waiting for them to get out of prison. Big Ang has been a frequent visitor of jails since the age of 10, whether she was visiting someone or an inmate – yes, those where the good ole days! Its funny listening to them discuss how great it was back in the day and how it will never be the same again. Isn’t this the same “lifestyle” that most people end up dead or in jail, destroys families, and then leaves you sad, depressed, and paranoid??? CHEERS!!!!

In the Kitchen we see Renee trying to reach out to Junior who has become cold and distant. She wants to put everything in the past and try to enjoy the little time they have left together before he has to go back to jail but something isn’t right and she doesn’t know what to do. She pours her heart out to Junior who blames everything on her attitude.

At the Italian deli we find Big Ang and Drita doing a little shopping, maybe for Sunday dinner, everything looks so yummy. They begin to discuss dating and Big Ang tells us that her son tells her that wise guys aren’t into her anymore (that could be a good thing). Then we learn that Big Ang is married to a guy she threw out of her home because he’s a drunk and a cheater, funny enough she admits that he was probably that way when she met him. Oh Big Ang, you have these moments of clarity, learn from them so you don’t end up alone and waiting for some guy to wine and dine you and then dump you. Drita mentions speed dating and then Big Ang warns her that she can’t go from a “..street guy to a regular guy.” Oh Big Ang, have a little faith! If we can put a man on the moon then I’m sure a woman can choose to go from a “..street guy to a regular guy.” It’s not rocket science, you just need to make sure you don’t start the conversation with “…can you take a hit?”

Renee and Ramona are at a diner discussing their estranged fathers. Renee is stressed out and discusses how her father doesn’t want to have a relationship with her. Ramona is in the same situation because her father didn’t approve of the man she married (he wasn’t Italian). Not sure why Renee’s father is upset with her, maybe we’ll learn more about that later on.

Carl and Joe go out to dinner; I have to say Joe is quite handsome. I would like to see Carla and Joe back together; they make a good couple, as long as he stays out of jail. You can tell that Joe is a smooth talker, he is going to do just fine with his new found freedom. Carla finds it surprising that he is so supportive of her dating and that he knows about speed-dating. Carla, don’t be so shocked, Joe looks like he has probably been on a few dates and could give you some tips. He’s cute and he has game, maybe he can coach Drita!

Renee wakes up to an empty house. As she walks through the Kitchen, she finds a note that Junior has left for her. He tells her that he has turned himself in to the feds and that he was charged with armed robbery and that he’s facing seven years in jail. He basically tells her that he cares for her and to have a good life without him. Renee loses it and starts calling everyone she can think of to find out where Junior could be. Junior clearly doesn’t want her to wait around for him, he wants to let her go so she can rebuild her life and Renee makes the decision to find him anyway. This is why Renee is falling apart, she can’t let go of toxic things in her life. She even admits to us that “… at least in jail he can’t cheat.” HOLY COW WOMAN LET THAT MAN GO!!!! Karen comes over and tries to comfort Renee, Karen tells her “…don’t let the feds win…” REALLY Karen, the FEDS are at fault here, it has nothing to do with the ongoing criminal activities and the allure of the “lifestyle” ???!!!! Karen, you need a reality check because it’s Junior’s poor choices that led up to this moment and Renee’s attachment to toxic people. Renee tells Karen “…I don’t blame the feds, they are just doing their job…” Funny how the unraveled one, Renee, has to be the voice of reason.

Maybe there is hope for Renee to bounce back and regain her sanity-MAYBE. Her friend Nikole comes over and they make some phone calls and find out that Junior is in jail but they can’t get any more information. The whole situation is very strange. We then see Renee on the phone with her cousin who happens to be at Renee’s father’s house only to hear that the cops are there and that he is being arrested. Renee starts screaming, losing her father on the same day that she loses Junior only fuels Renee’s spiral into insanity. Renee is falling apart because the two men in her life are back in jail and she has nothing left. Renee devoted her life to the “lifestyle” and the men in it so she has never made her life about herself and maybe she needs to hit rock-bottom to rebuild a life built on HER happiness and cut herself off from the “lifestyle” BUT can she really do that? Renee is as addicted to the “lifestyle” as much as the men who run the show. What have we learned boys and girls – there is a tradeoff for everything. You choose the “lifestyle” then suck it up and deal with the consequences and don’t blame anyone except yourself for making those choices. WOW, Can it get any worse for poor Renee????? Yes it can, wait until next week!

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