Mob Wives | Season 2, Episode 16 – Recap

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The episode opens up with Drita and her new puppy Lucky. This “Paris Hilton” moment will reoccur throughout the episode so be prepared for more scenes with the latest star of Mob Wives – Lucky. I suspect Lucky will probably have more fans than the ladies, he is so darn adorable and he doesn’t throw punches. After Drita gives Lucky a doggy treat for obeying her command to sit, if only Lee obeyed as well as Lucky, she gets a call from Lee and shares her good news regarding the video. Drita asks Lee if he hopes that she finds a good guy when she starts dating and he says yes. Drita starts having feelings for him because he is being nice. Drita says “it would be easier if he was a jerk-off.” Actually Drita, if I remember correctly, he is a jerk-off because he cheated on you. How soon we forget the past after having a few nice telephone conversations.

Karen asks Ramona what her thoughts were regarding Renee’s request to sit down with Drita and to try to resolve their issues. Ramona rolls her eyes and we can tell she doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Karen is done with the negativity in her life and wants to move past this. Karen tells Ramona that if Drita puts her hands on her again then it’s done and there is no coming back. Ramona predicts a bloodbath. Yikes! O ye of little faith!

Carla and Big Ang discuss why Joe isn’t around as much as he was when he first came out of the half-way house. Big Ang asks “does he have a girlfriend?” Big Ang is on to something here because we also learn that Joe constantly cheated on Carla. What a surprise, isn’t it part of the lifestyle to cheat on the wives?

Big Ang takes her son, AJ, jewelry shopping for his 23rd birthday. Big Ang LOVES diamonds and wants to wear them all over. Of course she does, Big Ang is all about the diamonds. She tells AJ that she hopes the next time AJ is in the jewelry shop he is shopping for a wedding ring. She wants her son to meet a nice girl but AJ tells Big Ang that it’s not his style. Big Ang asks him “who is going to take care of you?” and not to our surprise we hear AJ reply “I got you!” I would want to live with Big Ang too, she would cook for you and take you jewelry shopping – that’s the life!

Renee goes bowling with AJ and his girlfriend. AJ is not doing well in school; it’s no surprise considering what has happened in his life. Renee tells Sydney to talk to AJ about school and to Renee’s surprise the kids are not interesting in her lecture, they give her the “parents just don’t understand look”. Poor mama Renee.

We finally meet Dave, Karina’s father. Dave has arrived in Staten Island to discuss Karen’s request to move Karina to Staten Island. As they sit on the couch discussing things, Dave asks “what do we have planned tonight?” to which Karen replied “Don’t know but we have wine.” We can all guess what happens next – Karen is going to get some yum-yum!

Drita brings Lucky to meet up with her friend Nicole. Drita discusses with Nicole Renee’s request to sit down and talk with Karen. Drita is doing this for Renee. Why do Drita and Karen feel the need to say that they are doing it for Renee? Yes, Renee is the only one who can get them both to agree to talk but they also want to do it because they want to live without the drama which has resulted from their issues. Come on ladies; admit you want to squash this crap because it’s petty. Nicole, just like Ramona, is not in favor of this idea.

Karen meets up with Ramona to shoot pool. Karen admits to Ramona “Dave still got it.” Karen is positively glowing. Karen is starting to have feelings for Dave but is hesitant to rush into anything. Ramona believes Karen is fearful of heartbreak. Yes Dr. Ramona, that’s why most people are afraid of commitment but thanks for the insight!

Carla and Joe are at the gym and Carla calls Joe out on not being around as much as he used to. Joe doesn’t know what she is talking about and admits that even though he has a girlfriend he is still around for the kids. Carla gets upset and Joe doesn’t understand why. She reminds him that anyone around her kids is her business. Well, I guess that means that Carla and Joe are not getting back together. Joe better do right by those kids or mama Carla will kick his ass.

It’s play time! Drita, Carla, and Big Ang meet up with their dogs for a play-date. Carla explains to us that the girls have gotten dogs because they are tired of guys and at least the dogs “give no lip.” Of course what Carla doesn’t know is that dogs will chew up your shoes if they want your attention, she might rethink that statement after experiencing some of her shoes destroyed. After Carla tells the ladies that Joe has a girlfriend everyone, especially Drita, starts bashing young girls as if they are the problem not the cheating husbands or irresponsible fathers.

Karen and Dave are discussing their future. Karen would like Dave to move with Karina to Staten Island because she knows that it would help Karina adjust to a new life with both parents around. Dave isn’t sure about moving to Staten Island because he has his life set up in Arizona and then they start making out like teenagers. Yup, Dave is moving to Staten Island.

Renee sits down with Cherry Martinez from a radio program called “Lock Down Love.” Renee discusses how her prince turned into the prince of darkness. Renee lets everyone know that despite what Junior has done she is moving forward.

Drita comes home and finds a letter from Lee in the mail. She learns that he is not being transferred to Brooklyn. Drita calls her friend Jessica because she is so upset and needs to talk to someone. Drita is upset for her kids, she wanted them to have a relationship with their father and now she has to break the bad news to them. Drita then starts talking some nonsense of how it was all down on purpose because the feds are listening on their conversation. Yes Drita, the feds decided to switch things up on your family just to piss you all off, it has nothing to do with the fact that Lee is a criminal and this is what happens to criminals – they lose their freedom and their families suffer because of their poor choices. You start a life with a criminal then you choose the risks that are associated with it just as much as you benefit from the money that is made from the lifestyle.

Stay tuned, next week is the season finale with the Sit Down!

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