Mob Wives | Season 2, Episode 9

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Cabin Fever

Carla, Ramona and Big Ang are at the races. Karen later joins them for drinks. They plan to go to the Pocono’s a country cabin in the woods. Drita was not invited.
When they arrive at the cabin, Renee is not pleased as she prefers to stay in a hotel. She does not want Jason or Freddy Krueger to get her. There is no spa nearby, which is a definite no-no. The cabin actually looks very nice. Try and connect with nature Renee!

Drita is at Big Ang’s bar and she tells her she is going to anger management classes.

Meanwhile back in the woods, the ladies go horseback riding. Carla and Karen both have riding experiences, as they had horses when they were children. Renee compares the horses butt to Kim Kardashian’s butt.

Renee is taking anti-depressants and is drinking alot of alcohol which is definitely not a good mix. She starts cussing out Junior’s ex, “Crusty Crotch”.

Drita goes to visit a therapist for her temper. She reveals she had her first fight in kindergarten. Drita states that Karen who is in the inner circle is antagonizing her and now her best friend Ramona is in the mix now, who she can’t stand.

The ladies suggest they do something constructive with their time, which of course doesn’t happen. Renee brings up the rumors she has heard from Drita, who told her what Ramona was allegedly saying about her, Junior only married Renee for her father and he is a loser without her. Renee goes ballistic and starts to throw things around the cabin. Renee calls Junior on the phone for Ramona to speak to him, he must have been thinking what the hell, when he heard the screaming,.

Renee was tipsy and upset. This was not the time to discuss her problems with Ramona


In the morning the ladies go fishing. They later go clubbing at the hotspot in that area, Shennanigans. They are approached by a bandana wearing creep. He must have been tipsy as he tried to chat up Ramona and Karen. He then starts off a sob story stating he had cancer which sounds like a lie. Renee tries to tell him to stop, and to take his one nut and leave, he responds I’m not talking to you. That of course set off Renee and security removes him from the bar. Renee needs anger management too.

I wish Big Ang had gone on the trip, she would have tried to put Renee in her place.

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