Mob Wives | Season 3, Episode 11 Recap

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In this episode of Mob Wives, Love shares with us that last year she was rear ended in a car accident. She got out of her car and was hit by an eighteen-wheeler and suffered a really bad concussion and head injuries. Her neurologist tells her that her temper problems stem from her head injury and that tells her she has to be more careful to not engage in altercations where she loses conscience. So in her interview, Love says that her losing her temper isn’t her fault and is something “beyond her control.” I think she needs to take a chill pill and control her anger because there are many people who suffer from head injuries who are able to control themselves and don’t lash out at others or attack people.

Drita heads to Carla’s to let her know that Love is angry with her and has been talking about her. Carla shares that her current boyfriend was “banging” Love for a month before he ever even met Carla or began dating her and that Carla has never even met Love before so there’s no reason for her to be talking about her. I agree with Carla when she says that if the ladies have a problem with Drita being friends with Carla, Drita should just tell them she’s not getting involved and that Carla has never spoken badly about Love before. Can you see where this drama is headed? Because I can and it’s not looking pretty…

Speaking of Carla, she visits her local spa doctor who happens to be a retired gynecologist who is her ex husband’s father. He actually delivered Drita’s two children. While Carla is getting her facial, her ex Joe shows up and is making little comments and almost flirting with Carla. Honestly I don’t think it’s done between them and that something will rekindle at one point.

Ramona begins wedding planning with her daughters while her fiance is still in jail. She lets her wedding planner know that once her fiance makes bail, she will have to call him on short notice and that he will have to have a spot for two armed guards. She asks for sushi, the color blue, and huge flowers for the wedding and despite it not being her “fairytale ending” she says she is excited and can’t wait to marry her best friend. Why she is rushing to marry a man who is facing fifteen years in prison is something I am not understanding. Could it have something to do with husband/wife confidentiality for his court case? If they are married then she won’t be forced to testify against him.

This episode revolved around a lot of business. It’s nice to see Drita’s makeup store coming together, plus it’s right across the street from Big Ang’s Drunken Monkey bar so I’m sure the two will have a great time! Renee shares her idea for a new shoe line called Mob Candy that will hit stores sometime soon. Her son AJ tells her he’s so proud of her for starting her own business but that he doesn’t expect her to support him much longer because he plans on making his own career and income. I can’t wait for next episode where it looks like it hits the fan between Ramona and Karen and Love and Carla. Crazy is as crazy does.

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