Mob Wives Season 3 Episode 12 Recap

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This episode of VH1’s Mob Wives opens up with talk of prenups between Karen and Love. Love reveals that the last person who spoke to her about a prenup ended up with his face smashed in. The two also discuss Ramona’s relationship, impending marriage, and why she has been acting “shady” all of a sudden with Love expressing that she’s been hearing things from other people around town. (Again! Remember she hates Carla because of these so called town whisperings as well.) This whole episode revolves around a prenup party. Have you ever heard of anything so ridiculous? Who has a prenup party? That’s so unbelievable. If you and your future husband believe you need a prenup to protect yourselves, I think it should stay between you. There’s no need to throw a party celebrating a prenup.

It’s so great to see Drita becoming successful with her own business and I’m so proud of the strong, independent woman she’s become. The salon is painted, items are ordered, and she is currently interviewing makeup artists to work for her. So funny that the one guy at the interview had a naked picture on his Ipad with his portfolio file.. Drita handled it so professionally by just laughing and letting it go because it could have gone a million ways. Props to you Drita!

In this episode Carla is served the divorce papers that she’s been told about multiple times. She seems okay with it because she says she’s happy with her new boyfriend and Joe and Raquel are great with her kids. She then tells Big Ang that her boyfriend’s ex wife told her that Love came to her house and wanted to become friends with her by talking about Carla and telling her that the two are dating. Hang on, is Love really this crazy? Why would she do that when she has NEVER even met Carla yet. Something tells me there is no way Carla and Love can ever be friends, but I can’t blame Carla because Love is acting like a stalker.

I do have to agree with Ramona that Karen threw the prenup party to instigate Ramona because of her soon to be marriage. Who else would it be about? Ramona’s the only one getting married. Still Ramona shows up to the party and I give her props for that. It would have been nice for Karen to just call it an engagement party instead of a prenup party. Alas, Karen has a convention in the back room with a lawyer talking about prenup options. The ladies all cut off the lawyer talking by saying they don’t do prenups in their lifestyle and quite frankly how could they have prenups in the mob where most income is under the table and off the books.

I don’t like seeing Carla being left out every single episode with her not being invited to Karen’s prenup party, not being invited out with all the women, and doing her own dinners with friends. I hope she can make up with the others and work on their relationships so she can be more relevant in this series before she’s kicked to the curb. By the end of the episode the prenup party has exploded into a cousin’s fight with Karen saying she doesn’t approve of Ramona’s wedding and Ramona saying she doesn’t feel comfortable with Karen being at her wedding because she thinks she’ll object at her vows. Love gets involved and runs after Ramona’s friend saying she will stab her if she ever looks at her again. Love is certified crazy and it’s ridiculous that she thinks it’s okay to run after people threatening to stab people. Will these ladies ever learn how to act appropriately at a party?
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