Mob Wives | Season 3, Episode 4 Recap

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On this week’s episode of Mob Wives, so much unfolds. We see Renee out of her element at the rehab facility in Florida and Drita travels to upstate New York to visit Lee for the first time in two years. Carla is still upset about the Renee ordeal but doesn’t even realize her husband has moved in with his girlfriend and begun filing divorce papers. Here’s what happened:

After spending all morning screaming and taking out her anger on AJ, she takes a plane ride to Florida to begin her rehab and detox. I am a little shocked that she doesn’t spend the last couple hours with AJ being nice to him, thanking him for being so supportive, and just being a good parent. Instead she blows up on him, tells him to shut up repeatedly, and gives him a quick hug goodbye. All while complaining about how her twenty pills a day are the only things that help her feel better about herself during these tough times. Um, okay Renee don’t you realize that your son is going through just as much, if not more? And he’s not taking twenty pills a day to make himself feel better.

We learn that Love’s ex-fiance, the one who cheated on her and she “allegedly” fired a pistol multiple times at, has kept a secret from her for three years; he had his sperm frozen and impregnated two separate women. Love calls these kids “twins” but they’re not technically twins. Love is very upset about this and being that he is coming out of jail soon, she is dealing with the aftermath of wondering if the two will ever be together. She feels complete betrayal and isn’t sure if she can forgive him despite loving him since they were seventeen years old.

Most of this episode revolved around Carla’s husband and his choice to move in with Raquel (his new girlfriend.) After moving in with his girlfriend, Joe heads to a lawyer to begin divorce proceedings. His lawyer warns him that it could get very ugly if Carla objected to Joe’s girlfriend being around her kids. Poor Carla has no idea that Joe is doing interviews where he says that she should be very afraid because he plans on marrying Raquel and having a family with her.

Finally, after two whole years, a whole lot of fighting, and cheating scandals, Drita takes the girls to visit their father in Buffalo, NY. The funny thing is that the family takes a plane when it’s just a six hour drive — I mean I get it, six hours in a car is a lot, but not really far enough for a plane. I sure hope that’s not why they never went to visit! Drita’s daughters spent five hours with Lee, and it’s obvious they are so happy to have spent it with him. Even Drita is clearly giddy with happiness and it’s obvious that even though she is still hurt and betrayed by the cheating, she is probably going to give it another go with Lee. I hope for her sake it works out, especially since now she’s more independent in case it doesn’t.

Overall, so much drama happened this episode it’s head spinning. At the same time, it’s refreshing to see Drita happy for once and Renee working on bettering herself. Addiction is never an easy thing so major props to Renee for not only doing it but also doing it on national television. Hopefully she will be a role model for others who are suffering. Next week’s episode looks like a fight breaks out at Ramona’s daughter’s birthday party that involves Drita, Karen, and herself. It also looks like things go south for Carla and her husband. Guess we’ll have to tune in!

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