Mother Gives Daughters The Gift Of Racism For Xmas

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Sarah Tuttle from Bakersfield, California, decided to do something special this Xmas, for her daughters, Rainy and Regan.

Sarah Tuttle

Sarah Tuttle

The mom decide to play a joke on her daughters – She presented them with two Black baby dolls. Sarah burst out laughing when she saw her elder daughter’s face and couldn’t hold it in when her younger daughter cried and threw the doll away from her. Also laughing in the background is Sarah’s eldest daughter.

Even though Christ was not born in December, isn’t the point of Xmas to be loving and to bring families together? Obviously Sarah knew her children would not like the dolls, hence her recording her daughters reactions and uploading it to youtube. What a jerk.

Sarah could have taught her daughters something about this experience, but instead, her children have inherited her hatred. Why would you think it’s funny to make your children cry at Xmas? Sad.

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