Mother-In-Law From Hell Kidnaps Grandson & Tries To Breastfeed Him

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I’m a avid Reddit reader and I especially enjoy the “no mil” section. This one crazy story made me see red.


  • Hag: Mother in law
  • SIL: Sister in law
  • FIL: Father in law
  • PPD: Post Partum Depression
  • RO: Restraining Order

Back when my son was only 3 months old, I lived with Hag. Yep, I lived with hag, SIL1, and FIL. My husband was deployed at the time. The original plan was to split visits 50/50 with my family and his family for the duration of his deployment, but hag kept making it impossible for us to leave their place. My body was filled with postpartum hormones, suffering from PPD, etc. Hag used her manipulation tactics to keep my son and I around. She threatened to have my son taken from me if I left, used my marriage against me, etc. I believed her. Since I was so naive and overpowered by hormones and PPD. It answers so many of your questions on how she pulled everything off. So let’s get into the story.

Hag arranged a little trip out of state to visit Husband and SIL2’s favorite cousin and her parents. She told me that it would be all of us and that they had a room for my son and I to stay in, etc. She also told me to get a good night of sleep and that she would wake me up in the morning and we’ll get breakfast on the way. Cool, whatever. I was already tired of her shit at this point, but I hoped that this would help us get along better. When morning rolls around, EVERYONE IS GONE, INCLUDING MY SON. She snuck in, took my son and his bassinet, and FLED OUT OF STATE. I told her several times that I DO NOT consent for her taking my son, especially without my permission. I called her, she said she was on the road and already out of state. I call the cops, they come to hag’s house. I told them what happened and once they found out I was calling about Hag and fil, they left without saying a word. After that, I reach out to the cousin they were visiting. THEY NEVER PLANNED ON GOING THERE. Turns out, they went to a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT STATE. They were 8 hours away from where they said they were going, 7 hours from me. Of course the cousin didn’t give me the address to their cabin.

I went to the police station to try to get an amber alert, no one would fucking help. Since we didn’t have a custody agreement, the child was free for anyone to take. Why would a married couple get a custody agreement? Idiots. I demanded to speak to the chief of police and even threatened to take this to every news outlet in the country, they still didn’t give a fuck. I got myself a lawyer and he advised me to constantly contact them to attempt to get my child back until further notice. We also got the surrounding states to look for them. The sheriffs office in the town of the cabin refused to do anything except advise hag to just return to her main home.

She returned a week later on thanksgiving. Once I got notice that hag was on her way, I packed my shit up before they got back and moved it into my mother’s house. When they finally return 7 hours later, hag pushes by me with my son and runs up to her room. I follow after I manage to get past FIL. He tried preventing me from going up there. I hear my son SCREAMING and what do I see? Hag has her saggy boob out and she’s trying to force it into my son’s mouth. He kept turning away, kicking and screaming. I ran in there, took my son, and finally SCREAMED at her. I called her a child molester, a psychotic inbred cunt, etc. She screamed “HELP” like she was in distress. Fil ran up and yanked my hair, dragging me on the ground. FIL is 6’5″ and over 300 pounds. I’m 4’11” and I was 82 pounds due to my cancer. 3 month child still in my arms when he did this. Hag tried to take my son out of my arms, but I held onto him and took a few hits to the back. I run downstairs with my son, and I get a few punches in the face and head from almost 6′ tall SIL (son still in my arms) so I kicked in her direction, grabbed my son’s car seat, and ran outside. I open up my car and lock us in it so I can get him strapped in. SIL1 tried breaking my car windows the entire time. Luckily, I backed into the driveway, so I got out of there quick.

I drove to my mom’s house and my phone was blowing up the entire time. Once I got to my sister’s house, I called the cops on hag, fil, and sil1. I wanted to press charges and get a R.O. Well guess what? Hag, fil, and sil1 called the cops on me and said that I attacked them, kidnapped HER child, and ran off like a crazy person. The cops come to investigate. They asked for proof that the child is mine. I showed them the birth certificate. They questioned me about the “attack” even though they saw my entire body covered in bruises. The cops refused to file a report for me. My mom calls the police station and demands to speak to whoever she can, they refused to do anything. Not too long later, CPS is at the door to investigate! The same process happens again, except they were so much nicer about it. They tried to help as much as they could, but hags connections were too powerful.

After the CPS lady left, I get a call from SIL2. I take the call and put it on speaker. She demands me to return hag’s baby and that my husband will leave me when he returns from deployment. I hang up on her. SIL1 and FIL call saying the same thing, I hang up without saying a word. Hag calls, I put her on speaker. She went on about how I’m not the rightful mother of my son, how I lost my rights to my son because I had a c-section, said that c-section moms are weak said that csection moms aren’t real moms and don’t deserve children, etc. My mom LOST it and took the phone out of my hands. My mom isn’t the one to confront someone, but boooooy did she give hag a piece of her mind! I’ve never heard my mom tell off someone like that before. I was rooting in the background, alongside my siblings. We were cheering her on (silently) If you must know, my mom had a cesarean when giving birth to me, so she took great offense to this. After my mom gave her a piece of her mind, she said in a calm voice that she will make up whatever bullshit story she can to have my husband leave me. I hung up on her. I blocked all of their phone numbers, facebook accounts, snapchat, instagram, everything. I haven’t unblocked them since.

The next day, we go to the courthouse to try to get a R.O. We were denied immediately once they realized it was for hag and her family. They said that there’s no police report on file, but there’s one for me. SERIOUSLY?! That shows you how fucked up the justice system is. We waited 5 hours to get rejected. A month later, my husband returned from deployment. Let’s just say things haven’t been the same between us. He refuses to believe me, but is willing to keep us away from them. He is the type to only believe something when he sees it, including his wife’s words… That’s one of our biggest problems in our marriage. He did however witness SIL1 coming up to me and screaming in my face when I picked him up for our counseling appointment. He finally believed that SIL1 is completely nuts (he hasn’t had the best relationship with her) but he just CAN’T believe that the “innocent lil ol christian southern woman” would ever do ANYTHING wrong! Cue eye roll.

I may have to go in and edit this later. My son keeps throwing books at the computer.

What advice would give this mother, her husband, her nasty-evil mother-in-law? Post your comments below.

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