Mother Of Mendeecees’ Sons Says Yandy Smith Is The Homewrecker

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via Madame Noire:
Apparently, Love & Hip Hop New York’s Yandy Smith isn’t as squeaky clean as we thought she was. Of all her cast mates, she certainly has the most on the ball. But the mother of Mendeeces’ first two sons brought a few things to light on Monday after Yandy claimed Amina was a home wrecker for destroying Tara and Peter’s family.

The mother of Mendeecees’ first son, little Mendeecees (who I’ll call MJ for the purpose of this article), is named Erika. And she went to Instagram to throw some dirt on Yandy’s “good name.” If we were to judge by LHHNY, it would seem that Mendeecees only has two sons and one is considerably older than the other, meaning that one relationship was over before Yandy’s and Mendeecees’ courtship began.

But according to Erika, there is another child we knew nothing about. Erika posted a picture of her son, Aasim who was born in August of 2011. Omere was born in the summer of 2012. Sure there was some time in between but we’d bet good money Mendeecees was messing with both of them at the same time. And if he was messing with both of them, there is a good chance that Yandy knew about it. Erika is convinced she did. If she did knew it, it would make Yandy somewhat of a homewrecker. Who knows the two claim to have been on and off, though we don’t really know what Mendeecees was telling either of them.

Here are the messages Erika posted on Instagram.


#Tbt When you steal pictures and crop them, be sure to include the better half! #thishasgottostop #stopstalking #quitplaying #dontstartnonewontbenone ✌✌

erika-mendeecees-m jr

Erika and Mendeecees at their son’s Aasim’s baby shower in 2011


Mendeecees Jr & little brother Aasim

erika-mendeeceed baby mama

& lastly here’s Yandy with Mendeecees Jr & her son with Mendeecees Sr, Omere.
mendeecees jr-yandy-omere
Did you know Mendeecees had another son? What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

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