Mother’s Anger As Facebook Removes Then Reinstated Pictures Of Baby Boy Born Without A Nose

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Timothy Eli Thompson-Brandi McGlathery

via WKRG:
When Eli was born, his mother Brandi knew their lives would never be the same.

“I think the only thoughts I really had was, ok, you have to. There was never a, oh this is going to be hard. I mean I have moments like that during the day, but you have to do it,” says Brandi McGlathery.

On top of the hardship facing this little one, Facebook recently deemed his picture too controversial and shocking and banned a photo that a pro-life group tried to post on Facebook to promote Eli’s story.

“I posted the status with a link about it saying no one’s going to keep me from posting photos of my child. If I can see completely distasteful things on Facebook all day long, then I can post a picture of my son,” says Brandi.

The story was shared 30,000 times in six hours and there were enough complaints to Facebook that they removed the ban.

“A friend of ours told us that the reason they were banning him was because he broke the internet! He was everywhere and he broke the internet!” says Brandi.

And Facebook isn’t the only one giving Brandi and Eli a hard time. She got this message from someone asking why she didn’t have an abortion and that she should give up the baby for adoption.

Timothy Eli Thompson-Brandi McGlathery-Jade Nohouse

“That took a lot of maturity to not respond the way that the mom in me wanted to!” says Brandi.

Aside from defending baby Eli from the nay-sayers, they have some important decisions to make regarding surgery. They can opt for a major invasive surgery at puberty, or have smaller surgeries each year beginning after one year. A Go Fund Me account has been setup and raised over $40,000. Brandi and her family are so touched that the love they share for this little guy has spilled over to so many in the community and they hope it stays with him for a lifetime.

“I just hope that he’s happy either way, whether he decides, you know, when the times comes that he does want a nose or not, I just want him to be happy and to be happy with himself,” says Brandi.

Brandi says she watches other people’s reaction to Eli when she goes out to the store and says thanks to the Facebook page and the media, people come up to him all the time to say hi. And we looked it up..this condition is so rare, it only affects one in 200 million babies.

You can give to Eli’s Go Fund Me page here:

It’s very strange that facebook would ban this photo, but allows bestiality, pornography and all kinds of smut to be posted on their site.

You can follow Timothy Eli on facebook here:


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