Ne-Yo’s Wife Says People Don’t Like Seeing Mixed-Race Couples, After Saying Her Son Doesn’t Have ‘Hawaiian Silky Hair’

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Ne-Yo-Crystal Smith

Ne-Yo’s wife says people got pissed over her comments about her son’s hair because some folks still don’t like seeing mixed-race couples.

We got Crystal Smith Tuesday at LAX and asked her to weigh in on the backlash she received for saying her kid wasn’t blessed with her “Hawaiian silky” hair.

Crystal seems to think the real reason so many IG users sounded off is ’cause a lot of them don’t like when black men date outside their race, even though Crystal’s part black.

The point is probably moot, though. Crystal says she’ll do whatever she feels is best for her child, regardless of what others think. She’s also clapping back with a business move.

Source: TMZ

crystal-smith-son hair-ig-RW

Crystal people don’t like you and Ne-Yo because you’re in a mixed race relationship. They don’t like Ne-Yo because he left his fiance after promising he didn’t want anymore children, married you and had more children. Wake up sis.

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