Neal Schon & Michaele Salahi Win Apology & Damages From The Daily Mail

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A few weeks ago, The Daily Mail published an article about Journey Guitarist Neal Schon being a dead beat dad who was a terrible husband. Most of the quotes came from Neal’s ex mother-in-law. It was a bit one sided. Well, the Daily Mail removed the article and published this apology:

On 22 February we published an article about Journey guitarist Neal Schon and his fiancée Michaele Salahi, entitled ‘Exclusive: Journey guitarist Neal Schon left ex-wife and daughters “so broke they can’t buy food” .. but he gave Real Housewives of DC fiancée $1 MILLION ring’. It claimed falsely that Mr Schon was a deadbeat dad and repeated allegations that he had neglected his ex-wife and two young children, leaving them in such a precarious financial position that they have no money for food or bills and that their home would have to be sold. It also reported claims that Mr Schon was a “drunk and abusive man” who had become “increasingly spiteful and vindictive” using his money to bully his ex-wife and that his fiancée Michaele Salahi had turned him against his former wife. We accept that these allegations are untrue and apologise to Mr Schon, Ms Salahi and the family for any distress caused. We have agreed to pay Mr Schon and Michaele damages and legal costs

It’s strange that this article wasn’t tweeted by them or mentioned.

Michaele gave a statement to E! News:

“We are happy for The Daily Mail’s apology! The saddest part is that the defamatory story came from a grandmother [who] uses us to try to defame and hurt us knowing he has children who can read. It’s sad people sell or give stories to the media to hurt others and the media prints them before fact-checking.”

The newspaper made the erroneous claims in a Feb. 22 story which relied on a blog post by Neal’s former mother-in-law, Judy Kozan. Kozan lobbed the allegations at Schon after a Minnesota judge ruled in the rocker’s favor in a court case, filed in January 2013 by Amber, in which his former missus demanded an additional $2,700 in monthly support payments. Unfortunately for her, the judge declared that Schon had met all of his support obligations, citing more than $1.3 million he paid her in their divorce settlement in 2007.

On March 18, the ax man sued his erstwhile mother-in-law to halt what his camp called the “constant harassment” he’d been getting from her that generated nasty tabloid headlines and damaged his good name.

For its role in spreading the false story—which it gave the ignominious headline “Journey Guitarist Neal Schon left ex-wife and daughters ‘so broke they can’t buy food’…but he gave Real Housewives of DC fiancée’s $1 MILLION ring”—The Daily Mail didn’t mince words in its mea culpa.

According to Michaele, the duo were told by their U.K. attorneys that this is the “first time ever the Daily Mail has posted an apology on their homepage.”

A spokeswoman for Schon and Salahi added: “Neal and Michaele appreciate that these corrective actions have been taken, and will continue to ensure that journalistic integrity is maintained in regards to reports on their professional and personal lives.”


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