How Nene Leakes Lost 20lbs For Her Summer Wedding

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Nene Leakes-OK Party

Nene Leakes after losing 20lbs

The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Nene Leakes shares how she lost weight for her re-marriage to ex-husband Gregg Leakes.

“I only wanted to lose five or 10 pounds. I like being a curvy girl. I’m not trying to starve myself. I love food! I didn’t count calories or carbs. Counting doesn’t get me anywhere. I do portion control when trying to lose weight. Eat less, move more.”

Nene Leakes before

Nene dropped 20 pounds before her wedding in June. When Nene hits the gym, she teams up with Tammy Stokes, author of Live Your Healthiest Life, for interval training and yoga, but what really gets this TV star moving is chasing around her 16-month-old granddaughter, Bri’asia. Good job Nene. What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

Source: Life & Style

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