Two Networks Want Duck Dynasty!

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duck-dynasty-hunt-pursuit-channels“Duck Dynasty” will NOT go off the air if A&E decides to bow out. According to TMZ, at least two other networks would jump for joy at the chance to pick up the popular reality show. The owner of the popular Christian-affiliated Hunt Channel, Merrill Sport ells TMZ, he’d pick up Duck Dynasty in a heart beat and would beam the show straight to its most loyal viewers: sportsmen and Christians.

He says, “We believe in the 2nd amendment and freedom of speech … A&E needs to put on their big boy pants, and if they don’t like the programming, they need to either let Duck Dynasty go or shut up and pay them. A&E is too scripted. [Hunt Channel] would let the personalities flow.”

Rusty Faulk, CEO of the outdoors, Pursuit Channel agrees, telling TMZ Pursuit is 100% interested in grabbing DD if A&E takes a pass. Rusty adds, “We don’t censor our personalities.”

But unfortunately if Duck Dynasty comes to an end on A&E, the contract with the family provides they couldn’t do another show for a certain period of time. I wonder how long that would be? I am sure fans will wait. I’ve just checked, Hunt is available on Dish Network and Pursuit is available on Dish and Direct TV, no cable operators as yet, so that’s not a good idea.

If you stand by Phil Robertson, sign the petition on here.

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