New TLC Show to Feature Polygamist Family

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TLC, the network that brought us the Gosselins and the Duggars with “Jon & Kate Plus 8” and “19 Kids and Counting”, are adding another interesting family show to their line-up this fall. This fall, the network will air the show “Sister Wives” which features a fundamentalist Mormon family that includes one husband and four “sister wives.”

HBO’s fictional “Big Love” gave many American television viewers their first glimpse into the lives of polygamists, but left many wondering if that’s how their lives really are. “Sister Wives” will give us the reality TV version of polygamy.

Starring in “Sister Wives” is Kody Brown, who is married to Meri. He also has two other “sister wives”, Janelle and Christine, and is bringing a fourth wife, Robyn, into the family. Altogether, they have 13 children. The family lives, of course, in Utah.

But wait a minute, how can TLC get away with this, isn’t polygamy illegal? Kody explains that his family is not breaking the law. He says:

“It’s one legal marriage and the rest are commitment marriages.”

When asked why the family decided to do the show, Kody explained:

“I felt like the secretiveness of the society has been a little bit dangerous for the society, as well as the public. This is part of our reason for essentially coming out. This is a story that needs to be told. I think that by simply telling this story and not getting into prejudices it actually helps the society to understand.”

Sister Wives premieres on TLC on at 10pm on September 26.

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