Nick Cannon Expecting A Few More Babies This Year

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Nick Cannon, inset with Abby De La Rosa

Nicholas Scott Cannon says he is expecting a few more babies this year. He says, “the stork is on the way.”

The Reproductive Abusers Association™️, North American VP, Nick is already expecting a baby with Bre Tiesi due this summer. And baby mama number 4 Abby De La Rosa just announced she’s pregnant again, possibly with twins again. This will bring the count to 9 for the Cannon baby factory.

Top L-R: Mariah Carey, Brittany Bell (center & right) Bottom: Abby de la Rosa, Alyssa Scott & Bre Tiesi

It’s also rumored that Nick is expecting a baby with model and former video chick Lanisha Cole who appeared in Pharrell’s ‘Frontin’ video.

An update to the Cannon sperm factory:

  • Baby Cannon with Abby De La Rosa due in the autumn (9th child so far)
  • Baby Cannon with Bre Tiesi due this summer (8)
  • Son Zen Cannon who passed away at 5 months in December 2021, his mother is Alyssa Scott. (7)
  • Twin sons Zion & Zillion, who are 10 months, mother is Abby de la Rosa. ⁣(6)
  • Son Golden, 5, daughter Powerful, 1 year, their mother is Brittany Bell. ⁣(4)
  • Son Moroccan & daughter Monroe, 10, their mother is Nick’s ex-wife Mariah Carey. ⁣(2)

Nick Cannon, leaving a trail of broken families, fractured souls behind.


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