Pastor Elijah Jones III Married 2nd Wife Stephanie Malveaux, They Begged For Honeymoon Funds & The Internet Went In, Leaving Guestbook In Shambles

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UPDATE: I was contacted by Stephanie Malveaux who says her character is being defamed, I asked for her to tell her side of the story, she has yet to respond.*

UPDATE 2: From what little I know, now, Elijah III was separated from his wife, before meeting Stephanie and Elijah’s marriage was over from his first wife Wanda, before his relationship with Stephanie. Elijah III’s son is taking it the hardest as he ranted about the marriage first, he has since removed his facebook pages and social media presence. Elijah’s III’s first wife allegedly is no longer hurting and is no longer concerned with her ex-husband.**

UPDATE 3: The couple’s photographer asked that the engagement pictures be removed as she own the photos.

Stephanie Malveaux Jones also wrote on Bougie Black Girl’s facebook page who posted the screen shots of the guest book:
“Dear BBG, You shared a story that was initiated by 28 year old Elijah Andreval Jones IV, which is inflammatory, inaccurate, and defamatory in nature. It is my hope that your future blogs are more uplifting to our community and your followers. I wish you success that stems from sharing more positive, rather than degrading information. “I know from personal experience how damaging it can be to live with bitterness and unforgiveness. I like to say it’s like taking poison and hoping your enemy will die. And it really is that harmful to us to live this way.” – Joyce Meyer To Elijah A Jones IV, I pray that you will come to an understanding that forgiveness is the key to unlocking bitterness and entering peace. The love that your father and grandmother have for you will always be present and available. To those who made a decision to post, comment, share an inaccurate story, or message me with hate mail, I pray that you would experience the love of Christ and truly understand what it means to have a relationship with Him. To the strangers who sent encouragement, I pray that you experience the favor of God in your life. Thank you for standing on what is right. Dear Lord, I pray for healing and restoration every person reading this right now. Heal them where they hurt. Protect them from harm or danger. Open their eyes to see that Jesus Christ died for them and wants a relationship with them. Show yourself strong in their lives because they choose to follow You. Thank you for allowing a platform designed for my demise to be used for your glory! Amen”


A nobody Pastor, Elijah Jones III married his alleged mistress a random woman named, Stephanie Malveaux on the 3rd October 2016.

Elijah Jones a pastor was previously married and allegedly had an affair with Stephanie. (See above for update)*

Here’s how they met on a now deleted page on bridal website The Knot:

So it was, we awkwardly met during a “greet your neighbor” moment, at Jubilee church two-years ago. Subsequently, we turned to one another, dispensed with the pleasantries, and uncomfortably sat next to one another for the next hour or so feigning existence of our stunningly corporate appearances. She was wearing a wonderfully colored dress, with flowing pink and black curved lines, and taking copious notes and following scriptural references from the pulpit via iPad. His device of choice for this endeavor was the iPhone, wearing a well tailored brown suit and complimentary shoes.

Suddenly, she appeared in work garb, on a Sunday afternoon, heading for the line to order her Starbucks pick me up. She was outfitted with a memorable purple and white tye dye shirt, having concentric circles. All that was needed was a Joan Baez social justice folksong and wearable beads and back to the 60s we would go! He stunted her mission, while standing in my nearly all black workout ensemble, and departing from editing a draft statement of work, Elijah spoke these show stopping words, with an enthusiastic smile … “Hi, I know you from church.” Stephanie graciously reciprocated for the next 35 to 40 minutes. And so began our continuing journey together.

What in the world? Who wrote this T.I.? Patrick Star of SpongeBob fame? This shoddy intro of how they “met”, completely leaves out the alleged story that he was married when they “met” and they embarked upon an alleged adulterous affair (and still are).

The couple requested funds for their honeymoon on a site called Honeyfund.

Hello friends and family,

We are honored you will share in our special day. Your presence is our gift!

We’re lucky to already have a home full of everything we need, so please enjoy browsing this wish list, where you can contribute to our dream honeymoon!

Thanks for visiting and we can’t wait to see you on our big day!


Here’s the registry:elijah-stephanie-wedding-registry


99.99% of the guest book comments were pure savagery, take a took.’

  • “Hey! You beeyotch! That’s my woman you’re takin’! I CUT YOU! #brony4life”

    By Pocket Ninjo

  • “***grabs popcorn***”

    By Necee Hanks

  • “Well Damn…. Ummm Shit… I need the whole story lol”

    By Jessica Sosassy

  • “Ummm…congrats? ”

    By Stephanie L’Amour

  • “Lmfao is this real ? & damn those must be all your ex wives friends and family, the lord would NOT send you someone else spouse for your soul mate. As a woman who has been cheated on, lied to, beaten and betrayed, this is and was no way to start a new life. You’ve sinned after sinned , hopefully god doesn’t strike you both down. Such a crying shame, cheaters don’t change and he will cheat on you also !!! Just wait I give this the same amount of time it took to cheat on his first wife !!! “

    By Hannah Rose

  • “Don’t mind me, I’m just here for the drama :D”

    By Dorjän Scott

  • “I’m ”

    By Christina Rodgers

  • “The Church of Heathens….it’s pretty new.”

    By Chanyeol Lee

  • “FINE?!?! WHERE?!?! So, we just lie about anything these days. Fine wouldn’t be the word I would choose.”

    By Chanyeol Lee

  • “Yooooooo….what church is this? Yall are savage and I love it. Thank you for blessing me with these comments. Please tag me in the back story. Im so involved now.”

    By Nicole Williams

  • “What’s the back story!?!?! These comments WILD!!!”

    By Eric Thomas

  • “Do not listen to these haters. They are jealous of your fine ass selves living large and being in love. You found your true soul mates god bless and be happy..”

    By Alex Rand

  • “Y’all need to quit while y’all are behind. Just delete this and go on with ya triflin lives.”

    By Lauren Corney

  • “Congratulations, you two just played yourselves! LMAO! Y’all nasty.”

    By Mareesha Walker

  • “Congratulations. Cheers to new beginnings. ! ”

    By Clyde Davis Jr.

  • “I’ll donate some money for you to go to hell.”

    By Nelson Abreu

  • “Ugh….. just UGHHHH”

    By Mattie Libby

  • “Lmaooooooooooooo. I don’t even know y’all but y’all some heathens lmaoooooo”

    By Crystal Evans

  • “Is this real or am I being punked LMAO”

    By Sabrina Jones

  • “Lord hammercy Lmao”

    By Monica Carter

  • “Oh my….what’s the backstory on this…sounds like they should’ve eloped and moved to Mexico…”

    By Nicole Stocks

  • “this cant be real”

    By Fish Vargas

  • “So Stephanie now that you are a wife do you have a better understanding of all of the pain you caused when you laid down with an already married man? Can’t wait to see what he does for his NEXT wedding. ”

    By Dana Russell

  • “Stephanie girl you know he cheating on you too right? How simple can you be to marry the man who cheated on his wife with you? You know this nigga cheats on wives, so you volunteer to be his wife? Not a smart move sis.”

    By Wilbert Kizer Moore

  • “I wish I would spend one thin dime supporting this mess. You have betrayed the trust of your family and your community. I hope you get rained on everyday, I hope you have a hard time getting it up every night, I hope she cheats on you with a basketball player. Shame on both of y’all! I wish you nothing but the worst luck. Ya sorry sap sucking coward! “

    By Shavonda Sisson

  • “You should feel so much shame in your actions. Shame in betraying your wife, shame in betraying your children and shame in betraying your God. But you feel nothing and that’s so disgusting,sad and downright evil. I wish the worst kind of heartbreak and pain upon you, since this is all you could offer your actual family. “

    By Nahalia Baker

  • “You’ve got some nerve, trynna crowdfund yr honeymoon. I hope y’all get rained out, receive watered down drinks, and maybe get attacked by sharks. Oh, and yr cheating ways WILL come to light. Have a nice life.”

    By Dave Higgs-Vis

  • “Taking bets on when this trashy philandering dude cheats on this trashy Ursula… HHMMMMMM!”

    By Argieline Mitra

  • “So you destroy your family, cause your ex wife heart ache and pain and expect people to be happy for you? You can’t be serious. I hope that all of the pain you have caused your family comes back to you times 10… For your new wife I want you to know the same way you got him will be the way you loose him. I can’t wait for h to grow tired of you and kick you to the curb like he did his family.”

    By Taquia Brown

  • “I wish you a lifetime of unhappiness, ant bites, STDs, unemployment, incureable disease, uncomfortable beds, ugly children who hate you for reproducing them, debt, flint Michigan water, I hope your dog runs away, rains the entire week of your wedding, miss your plane to this gofund me atrocity. Basically just everything deserves to happen to only you two, because well, you’re just horrible humans. -cheers “

    By Penelope Jubowski

  • “This is just sad and pathetic. God will not bless this sham of a marriage AT ALL. I can’t even find a good scripture to try to explain why this is wrong and just disgusting.”

    By Chanyeol Lee

  • “Y’all truly ain’t shit. Got the nerve to ask folks to sponsor your sins. Chyleeee “

    By Breanna Sharper

  • “I wish I could get married and start over while sacrificing my relationship with my family for a lite brite! Gon head deadbeat shawty… Enjoy your honey moon… (But I sincerely hope you don’t) ”

    By Derek Senior

  • “Lying ass, cheating ass sack of shit you are! You forgot to mention how you cheated on your ex wife and left your family for this Della Reese stunt double! Ha! THEN you want folks to pay for your honeymoon expenses! #ClassicNiggadom”

    By Blaq Davis

  • “Awww. Sucks that the groom is a philanderer and a hypocrite but you get it how you live it! Hope the honeymoon gets rained out xoxo!”

    By Dave Phillips

  • “Hmm, y’all left out the part in your fantastical description of how you met where one of you were married and fornicating and frolicking in and outside of the church. I”ll donate, alright. A special prayer for ED and bed bugs “

    By Aure Jaun Deaux

  • “If this ain’t the most Coon shit I’ve ever seen in my life. really, you’re begging folks for a carbon offset? That should be the least of your worries. A offset for alimony sounds more like it. Congrats Steph. You have inherited his debt to his ex wife. I wish you all that you have coming your way. Including hurricane EJIV. ;-)”

    By Destiny Pope

  • “I curse you. Until you do right by your family everything you think about is gonna crumble!”

    By Danielle Daigle

  • “Congratulations and have a great honeymoon and even more importantly a Blessed and Long Life together! love, Tatika & Greig”

    By Greig & Tatika Fields

Elijah’s daughter and son Elijah IV are upset and E IV lashed out on facebook too.

elijah-jones-iv-comment-1 elijah-jones-iv-comment

[UPDATE] Elijah IV has since deleted his social media presence.**

Apparently the good pastor owes $450,000 in alimony to his first wife Wanda Jones.

Nothing good comes out of adultery/re-marriage, Elijah and Stephanie. Elijah as along as your first wife is still alive, you will be committing adultery with Stephanie. God will not bless that “union”, see here and here for references or study your bible specifically Exodus 20: 14, 1 Corinthians 7, Malachi 2:14 etc.

What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.


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