Police Officer Kills Himself As He & Female Colleague Are Investigated For Sexually Assaulting A Woman

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via JRN:
North Port police chief Kevin Vespia issued a statement Friday morning in the aftermath of one of his officers and the suicide of another. Vespia said that an internal investigation is underway into the conduct of Melanie Turner and Ricky Urbina. He refused to take questions from the media. Turner made her first court appearance Friday afternoon on a charge of sexual battery and false imprisonment.

Urbina committed suicide Thursday as detectives from the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office were on their way to arrest him. Turner and Urbina were at the center of the investigation by SCSO. Both face charges of sexual battery and false imprisonment.

The incident happened Sunday March 2nd. The victim was hosting a large party at which Turner was in attendance, off duty. Urbina arrived, while on duty and handcuffed the victim. The victim was taken to the master bedroom by Turner and Urbina. She told investigators that she initially thought it was a prank. Several party attendees saw her being handcuffed.

The victim was thrown on the bed where both Turner and Urbina sexually assaulted the victim. As the events unfolded the victim told detectives that she pointed out the window blinds were open and that if her boyfriend saw what was happening, he would kill both of them.

She was released shortly after that and the victim went to tell other North Port police officers who were in attendance at the party what had happened. The North Port Police Department turned the investigation over to the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office.

According to a report from SCSO Turner was questioned about four hours after the incident. The report says she was still intoxicated and that she admitted to being present but the rest of her statement was redacted.

Urbina was interviewed later and he told his interrogator that he thought he would be fired because of the incident, did not deny that it took place and that it would cost him his marriage.

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