36 Week Pregnant Mackenzie Douthit Says She Wants To Tumble & Run a 5K!

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Former “Teen Mom 3” reality star Mackenzie Douthit is making headlines again after tweeting that she wants to tumble and run a 5k while 36 weeks pregnant. The 19-year-old mother of Gannon who is two-years-old has been open about the disease she’s been battling since childhood; Diabetes type 1. Her Diabetes has left her in the hospital multiple times during her current pregnancy with a baby girl. Earlier in her pregnancy Mackenzie revealed that she almost died because her blood sugar bottomed out. Luckily she was able to get to the hospital in time and learned to take her disease seriously.

mackenzie douthit pregnant tweet

Mackenzie announced that she and her husband Josh McKee had planned on getting pregnant with baby number two after doctors told her that her body wouldn’t be able to handle a pregnancy after the age of 21. Still, this pregnancy has been anything but uneventful. Mackenzie has broken her foot, been hospitalized, and was attacked and dragged on her stomach by a crazed fan who was later arrested and charged.

Mackenzie you should NOT be running a 5K or tumbling while pregnant! What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

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