Someone Declared Rumored Racist, Prince William, ‘Worlds Sexiest Bald Man’; He Is Not

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So this happened, Prince William was named ‘worlds sexiest man’, by some no name blog & twitter took umbrage to the obvious lie of the article. I threw in a few of my sexy choices, in no specific order. Sexy doesn’t necessarily mean gorgeous, but how you carry yourself, dental hygiene, hygiene, dress sense, can cook, etc. Prince William & his yellow teeth can go sit down somewhere. ⁣

1. Patrick Stewart⁣
2. Boris Kodjoe⁣
3. Mike Colter⁣
4. Jason Statham⁣
5. Mark Strong⁣
6. Dwayne Johnson⁣
7. Stanley Tucci⁣
8. James Todd Smith aka LL Cool J⁣
9. Common⁣
10. Bruce Willis ⁣
11. Yul Brynner⁣
12. Tupac⁣

More people sexier than alleged racist Prince William. ⁣

1. Thanos⁣
2. Voldemort⁣
3. Wade Wilson⁣
3. Mr Clean⁣
4. Dr Manhattan (Jonathan Osterman & Cal Abar)⁣
5. Martian Manhunter (J’onn J’onzz)⁣
6. Dr Evil⁣
7. One Punch Man⁣
8. Krillin⁣
9. Hanzo (Hunter x Hunter)⁣
10. Morpheus ⁣

Responses to William’s fake honor:

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