Princess Love & Ray J Have Separated

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Well this fairy tale of leaving your pregnant wife to play with strippers in Las Vegas and calling your mama for help was going to end eventually.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Princess Love Norwood asked fans on instagram to ask her anything, one of the questions was, “R you and ray-j still together? Princess responded, “Not right now, we’re just focused on the kids.”

Princess Love - separated - IG

At the beginning of January this year, Princess posted a picture with the caption: “2020 is going to be interesting… wait for it.”

I had a feeling she hadn’t forgiven Ray J for all his shenanigans in Las Vegas and his other screw ups.

Princess Love-warning


  • Princess Love, claimed that Ray J left her in Las Vegas stranded with their 1-year-old daughter Melody ni november 2019.
  • Ray J blocked her on instagram
  • Ray J then posted a video stating he was still in Las Vegas with his family.
  • Ray J was actually in another hotel and left Princess so he could party with strippers.
  • Ray J admitted to cheating on Princess.

It started with 38-year-old William Raymond Norwood, Jr aka Ray J posting this happy picture of his family on instagram.

Princess Love, 35, commented that Ray J left her in Las Vegas with their 1-year-old daughter Melody.

Princess Love-IG-comments

She then posted that she didn’t want to drive by herself with a child, and rightly so, all the way back to California which is just over a 4 hour drive.

Then Ray J blocks Princess on instagram.

Princess Love-Ray J-blocked

The couple share two children Melody, 1 and Epik who is just 1 month old. The Norwoods have been married for 3 years.

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