Story Time: Princess Love Says Ray J Admitted To Cheating; She Wants A Divorce

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Earlier we broke down what was going on in the marriage of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood stars Princess Love and her husband Ray J.

After Princess’ posts which she later deleted on social media, Ray J then decided to put out an unconvincing story:

Then Princess explained what really happened.

William Raymond Norwood Jr, has another phone for his side chicks, and has been cheating. Princess was willing to overlook that for the sake of their family. Ray J then wants his family to move to Las Vegas of all places, without discussing it with his wife.

Here’s what he said (the audio is not in sync with the video, I have no idea why):

He loves his family and he would never put his daughter in harms way. He does not mention his cheating or his other phone.

Ray J deleted his video shortly after, most likely at the request of his mother, plus he knows he’s wrong. William Raymond Norwood Jr is an immature child.

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