Pro-Trump Terrorists Breach The Capital, DC On Lockdown, One Person Shot

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After inciting violence & using segrational & dangerous speech, head terrorist of the DSA (Divided States of America) Donald Trump deployed the National Guard to protect the Capitol from HIS supporters Wednesday afternoon, hours after they stormed the building, breaching it in a chaotic and violent scene. The clashes with Capitol police outside and within the building followed a fiery speech by Donald in which he once against falsely claimed to have won the November election.⁣

  • This is happening in the least greatest country of the world. ⁣
  • The country where millions are out of work & the government refuses to help its people, financially. ⁣
  • The country where the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) ‘mistakenly’ deposited the second feeble stimulus in the wrong accounts & then tell the American people they have to wait until tax time. ⁣
  • The country where millions of Americans homes have been foreclosed, cars repossessed, many go hungry while the Senate vote for their pay increase. ⁣
  • The country where when the people vote, magically the votes are fraudulent. ⁣
  • The country where the pretended ‘president’ dismantled the NSC pandemic unit.⁣
  • The country where it’s ‘leader’ said the serious urgency of COVID-19 was a democratic hoax.⁣
  • The country where 357,000 Americans have died from COVID-19.⁣
  • The country where it’s ‘leader’ & his fellow klansmen incite violence, create havoc & take no responsibility for their thuggish, violent, racist & terroristic behavior or language. ⁣
  • The country where Donald’s ‘voice of reason’ calls MAGA terrorists & thugs, ‘patriots’. ⁣
  • The country where the Demorats & the Rethuglicans have viciously shown they do not care for the country they are supposed to be representing & protecting. ⁣

This is America, where Donald has grabbed you all by the p*ssy for 4 years.


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