Professional Adulterer Derrick Jaxn, Announces Divorce From Da’Naia Jackson

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Adulterer, liar and CINO, (Christian In Name Only) Derrick Jackson (Jaxn) & his wife failed spell caster Da’Naia Jackson are divorcing after it was revealed he cheated on her again. ⁣

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It was only last year that Derrick almost cut off the circulation in his long suffering delusional wife’s hand while he publicly admitted to cheating on her with side chick, Candice De Medeiros in Miami.

From March 2021:

Da’Naia tried to curse those speaking out about her, a few weeks ago, but ending cursing Derrick and herself. I guess Derrick got tired of living a lie. Da’Naia hasn’t said a word yet.

Yet thousands will still follow Derrick’s nonsense theology.

The BMDCA* ** have quickly put out a statement that they have fired professional adulterer & relationship con artist Derrick Jaxn. The statement reads as follows:⁣

“It has come to our attention that our former Christian East Coast Representative Derrick Jaxn aka Derrick Jackson, has dabbled, dipped & dawdled with someone who was not the wife of his youth and the partner he claimed to love until death. These current behaviors do not align with our core values, & have caused us to terminate our contract with him effective immediately. We would like to affirm, assert & assure that the BMDCA stands by our core value that Black Men Don’t Cheat.”⁣

* Black Men Don’t Cheat Association⁣

** The BMDCA is not a real entity⁣

Yet thousands will still follow Derrick’s nonsense theology.

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