WARNING GRAPHIC: Python Attacks & Kills 60-lb Husky

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A North African python, also known as a rock python, in a rare attack killed a family’s husky in Southwest Miami-Dade County on August 30.

Miami-Dade County responded to the initial call, but the Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission wasn’t notified until September 2 and didn’t issue a general news release about the attack and the details are just now becoming public.

dog-python attackThe attack happened near the Bird Drive recharge area of Miami-Dade County, where other rock pythons have been seen.

According to FWC, there appears to be a proliferation of these types of pythons in the area.

“We do know there is a colony of these types of pythons concentrated in a six-square mile area in southwest Miami-Dade County,” said Jorge Pino, spokesperson for FWC.dog-python attack1

The 10-foot long, 36-pound snake killed the 60-pound Siberian husky in just minutes from when the animals were discovered.

An off-duty fire captain and reality TV star, Charles ‘Big Country’ Seifert of the Animal Planet show Swamp Wars, managed to capture the python, which was later euthanized and sent to the University of Florida for a necropsy.

I am an avid cyclist and have used South Florida’s bike trails. If your not about to get killed by their crazy drivers, it’s the huge snakes, dead and alive that frighten the life out of you. A lot of snake owners toss the snakes out when they get too big. That’s irresponsible and dangerous.

Coincidentally, while the family of the pet, did not wish to be identified, CBS Miami reported the attack happened at the family home of accused murderer Jose R. Rojas. Rojas was charged with the grisly torture and murder of his boss and a co-worker last year. He was the owner of the dog.

If you see a python, you’re asked to call the exotic species hotline at 888-483-4861.

Source: CBS Miami

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