Quad Webb-Lunceford & Lisa Nicole Cloud Get Into Bloody Fist Fight Over Bad Business Deal

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What is this? Bravo “celebs” Gone Wild? What is in the water at Bravo? What are they paying their employees with, cocaine and meth??

via TMZ:
A business meeting gone bad between 2 stars of “Married To Medicine” turned bloody … after details exposed by duel background checks sparked an amazing catfight.

Sources close to production tell TMZ … Quad Webb-Lunceford and Lisa Nicole Cloud were having a 1-on-1 about possibly going into business together … when all hell broke loose.

We’re told both ladies found out unsavory things about each other’s past … which caused 1 of them to hurl a glass of water in the other’s direction. After that, it was go time — with punches thrown and nails exposed … resulting in Lisa scratching Quad in the face.

Quad had some facial injuries and went to the hospital to have her faced examined. Both filed police reports.

As for what triggered the fight … we’re told each was pissed at all the dirt that was dug up in the personal background checks.

What on earth was in those background checks? Of course this was all caught on tape. Andrew and company love their fights then claim to not condone such violence. Married To Medicine will return in February or March 2015. What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.


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