Quadruplet Dad Five Months After Wife’s Tragic Death in Childbirth: ‘My Babies Are Four Beautiful Blessings

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Carlos-Erica Morales-quadruplets

Almost five months ago, Carlos Morales was ecstatic and happy, then was devastated. His wife Erica, pregnant with four babies through IVF, went into labor on the 15th Jan 2015.

“I still think back to that moment every day and it was wonderful. Erica did so well, the babies were healthy. It was perfect,” Carlos Morales, 29, who works in manufacturing from Phoenix, Arizona.

But just a few hours later, after all four babies – three girls and one boy – were safely delivered, Erica, 36, went into hypovolemic shock, an emergency condition when the patient has a severe amount of blood loss. She died on Jan. 16 at 1:50 am.

“I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t speak. I didn’t know how I would survive without her. But almost five months later, I understand why I am still here. My babies are four beautiful blessings.”

He names the quads Carlos Jr., Tracy, Paisley and Erica, named after his wife.

Carlos-Erica Morales

Carlos and his late wife Erica

Since that day, almost 13,000 people have donated to his GoFundMe page, and even more have been captivated by his story – including Steve Harvey.

On Thursday, the Steve Harvey show surprised Carlos with numerous gifts, including $10,000 per child from Sallie Mae to start a college savings account.

“When Steve Harvey told me that, I couldn’t believe it. Everything I do is for my children and their future. Education is so important. I worry about money and this just made me feel so relieved.”

All four were born around 3 lbs., and since then, they have more than tripled their weight.

“They are becoming little humans. “I just wish Erica could see them grow up.”

Morales has since gone back to work, and although he says it’s been good for him, it’s also the hardest part of his day.

“That’s when Erica used to text me and ask how my day was going. It’s on my way home that I realize she won’t be there when I walk in the door. They have such potential and it’s my job to give them a great life,” says Morales. “But I couldn’t do it without my family and friends.”

Before Erica died, her mother, Sondra, made a vow to her that she would move in for the first few years of the babies lives and help out. Now, that vow means even more to her mother who relocated from Memphis, Tennessee.

Morales Quads

The Morales quads

“She said she will be here for as long as she needs to be. She’s such a protective and loving grandmother. It’s a real team effort. Her mother has even come to help out so the babies now have their great grandmother around as well.”

The quadruplets are now not only on formula, but also baby food, and showing more emotion.

“They make a lot of cute noises. I just want them to say ‘DaDa’ already.”

Although it’s been five months, it sometimes feels like it’s been five minutes for Morales. He thinks back to his early 20s when he met Erica at a nightclub in Scottsdale, Arizona, in 2006. She didn’t speak Spanish and he didn’t speak English, but they bonded immediately. The next year, they drove to Vegas and got married.

“This wasn’t the plan. Erica was supposed to be here. I still come home after work and look at pictures of us together. I go to her Facebook and I look through our text messages. But I know I’ll be okay. I have to be. I have four beautiful children to raise.”

The Erica Morales Fund has so far raised $469,000, to donate click on the link below.

I would like to share a short bio that describes Erica the friend the wife and MOTHER!
Erica was 36 years she’s been married to her prince Charming Carlos for several years originally from Memphis, TN but has resided in AZ for many years she worked for the University Of Phoenix. She was loved by many for her kindness, her wonderful laugh her embracing nature and her courage. Erica was an incredible woman full of strength and love 3 years ago she started her journey to motherhood and during that journey she did everything possible to become a mom from acupuncture, to eating fertility boosting foods or even wearing a double set of knee high socks in the middle of the blazing AZ summer heat to keep her uterus warm because she said her Dr told her a cold uterus meant no baby. As her journey progressed and she was finally granted her wish to become a mom she became even more vigilant. She read everything she could about What to do ensure her babies where healthy. She sought advice from any and everyone who was a mom who was going to be a mom who had a mom anything. she did whatever she could to make sure if there was a fruit or a vitamin or an exercise or some magical ancient Greek herb that would help her babies she was going to know about it. At one of her last Dr. Appts she posted that her Dr said she was like the Poster child for quads. Erica was an amazing woman I just wanted to share a little more about her for those that have never met her. Reading through the comments has offered such comfort I just wanted to be able to share a little more about this beautiful woman you have all so Generously helped continue her journey.
GO FUND ME page.

Source: PEOPLE


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