R Kelly Allegedly Attacked By Inmate Inside Chicago Prison

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Robert Sylvester Kelly

Robert Kelly aka R Kelly got beaten up by an inmate in his cell.

Federal law enforcement sources claimed the incident occurred inside the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago where Kelly was sitting on his bed when another inmate walked in his cell and started punching the Robert Kelly.

The inmate went on the attack because he was angry about the detention facility being placed on lock down a couple of times largely due to Kelly protesters outside the jail.

The fight didn’t last long, and it’s unclear if another inmate or guards broke it up. Robert was examined by a doctor, who determined the singer was okay, he had no broken bones or serious injuries.

A spokesperson for the Federal Bureau Of Prisons states, “it cannot comment on an individual inmate’s conditions of confinement or medical status due to privacy and safety reasons.”

Robert Kelly turned himself in at the Cook County Jail in 2019, the facility’s 6,100 inmates had to sit tight whenever Robert was on the move there.

Poor tink tink.

Source: TMZ

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