White Racist Woman Upset As ‘Hostile’ Black Woman Sits Next To Her On Plane⁣

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Mizzy Crizzy who speaks in a West Indian Patois dialect / accent was accused of being ‘hostile’ by a racist White Canadian.

Artist Mizz Crizzy was on a flight from Grand Cayman to Toronto, Ontario & the woman she was sitting beside who has been identified as Valerie Marchant wrote an email mid flight which stated:⁣

“We are off. I am looking out the window. Other two seats are taken by two very large dolled-up black ladies, one whom is extremely hostile. She makes Serena Williams look like Twiggy. I am being very pleasant just to annoy her. If I need to use a washroom I am going to present I am really crippled and ask a steward to help me.”⁣

Reality Wives

Mizz Crizzy

One of the women Valerie was lying about is on the video at the end, she stated she repeated a request from a flight attendant to Valerie who it seems is hard of hearing. The request was to place her handbag under the seat. ⁣

Mizz Crizzy is 5’ 6” and appears to not be a ‘big’ woman.

*The video has been sped up as Valerie is a slow typist with limited vision.

Original lengthy version here:

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