Rapper George Moss Posts Sweet Photo Of His Breastfeeding Wife, Says “This Woman Amazes Me”

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On Monday, rapper George Moss posted a photograph on Facebook. He thought nothing of it until it went viral. He captioned it:

“If you ever wonder what ‪#‎rappers‬ do when they get off stage, they clean breast pumps for their wives so their baby can eat. ‪#‎thuglife‬”

The photo shows George taking a bathroom selfie while holding his wife’s breast pump attachments after a performance.

George Moss-selfie

Since it was posted on Monday, the image has racked up over 45,000 likes and nearly 8,000 shares. But George doesn’t understand why he’s the one getting all the attention. After all the support he received from fans and new admirers he posted this picture of his wife and son with the following note:
Michelle-Judah Moss-breastfeeding

“So earlier yesterday I accidentally had a post “go viral” of me cleaning #breastpump bottles for my wife backstage after a performance. What I thought was just a funny little tongue and cheek joke, turned out to mean a lot more to over a million people (& counting). My Facebook page blew up with such amazing positive comments telling me how awesome I am, and how I’m such a great dad, and countless other positive words of affirmation. I appreciate every single one of them, and I tried my best to keep up with em, but it’s kinda out of hand now and I got other stuff to do lol.

Although I appreciate the love, likes, and kind words (and even the few party poopers that the internet undoubtably produces), its absolutely CRAZY that this all happened because I washed a couple bottles. If anyone should get the credit it should be people like my wife! She has been on the road with me for the past few days and worked just has hard as me or any other crew person I’ve ever worked with, on top of doing all the other things a great mom and wife does (namely nursing our 5 month old baby, and pumping milk for him on a regular basis). This woman AMAZES me! Through all the pain & soreness, frustrations, stress, etc. of trying to breast feed and pump, she gets up in the middle of the night to nurse a hungry baby…and in the middle of me writing this post, she finished nursing him and then made me a late night snack too!

It’s women like her and all of the other BFing mommas (a termI just learned about today) out there that make the world a better place to live! They are making HUGE sacrifices to give our next generation the best possible start in life. And I get this much credit for washing a couple bottles? THAT’S CRAZY PIE!!! Believe me, this isn’t just some post to show how “humble” I am or to get more kuddo’s (I’ve had enough for a lifetime…really! I can’t keep up with any more). I am sincerely blown away that more guys don’t support their women and children with #breastfeeding. I could go on and on about how happy I am to be a little pice of a movement that I didn’t even know existed, but also a little saddened to realize how few men (or better put, “males”) don’t do the simplest task like washing a bottle.

So I just wanted to give a special shout out to all the moms out there like my incredible wife, who are making sacrifices to feed their babies how God designed them to, and also a special “what up!” to all the #RealMen that support them, I’ve learned today how “little things” mean the world to your lady and millions of others too. Keep up the good work. NormalizeBreastfeeding.org Elevate Dads”

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