Real Housewives of Atlanta | Season 4, Episode 18

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Fresh Princes

Phaedra is planning Ayden’s baby blessing, or more like a wedding procession for the Prince of Zamunda. I can tell you this was not a dedication of their son to the Lord, but a royal monstrosity of the gaudy and crazy kind. Phaedra’s bridal party for this wonderful event: 2 flower girls, 4 bell ringers, 4 carriers and 2 child wranglers <-- overkill. Sheree and Tierra's boyfriend Damon, go ring shopping. Sheree states that Tierra was raised in her house with great taste. They are first shown a 3 1/2 carat rose cut platinum ring for $40,000. Obviously Damon does not have that kind of money. Sheree thinks as he has been dating Tierra for 8 years, he should have a lot of money saved up, bearing in mind he just told her he has $40,000 student loans outstanding. Sheree mentions her engagement ring was large, but may not be Tierra's style. Well Sheree, have the ring reset to Teirra's liking and gift it to her and stay out of their finances. You are no authority on anyone's money. Nene has that talk with her son, Brentt about their divided family, him living part time with daddy and his home and then shuttled off to mommy home. Kroy is coming home from training camp after a month, so Kim get's her team of helpers together to welcome him home, she hires a chef to make him a home cooked meal. Along with the nanny, two housekeepers and a chef, Kim is very tired being mistress of the home. The Nida's are going to sit for another photo shoot, hopefully there will be no poopy accidents this time. Phaedra picks a read leopard print dress, she wants to wear a jeweled headdress, which I liked, but was more suitable for Josephine Baker at the Folies Bergères, the finished picture was nice, Ayden is absolutely, adorable! Sheree and Damon scope out a location for the engagement party. Damon feels he needs to be inebriated to get through the moment and the celebration of his impending engagement. Damon then states he is not really sure that he wants to get married right now, then he says he is ready. Obviously Damon is not sure he wants to pop the question at this moment in time. Kroy finally comes home and is greeted with a beer, a promise of Kim being naked in an apron if not for the girls, he gifts a baseball cap signed by Tony Gonzalez for Ariana, and she is overwhelmed with emotion and cries, that was too sweet. I like Kroy for Kim and her daughters, he seems to be a maturing aspect in Kim's life. Although since season 1 till now season 4, Kim has lost a few of her friends and is now all about her family and certain other friends. Kim takes Kroy on a tour of the newly decorated home which has many pictures of him and Kim all over the home, to give him a sense that he belongs. Kim informs Kroy that she fired Sweetie - She burned the baby's breast milk, Sweetie and Brielle were in the pool, sunbathing etc,. Doesn't Kim have a nanny? Why wasn't the firing caught on camera? Bethenny was filmed on the toilet taking a pregnancy test, so Bravo will and can film everything. The firing which was denied when I reported it first, now spoken about in loving terms was not aired. Hmmm nothing fishy there. Dwight Eubanks is orchestrating Ayden's Coming To America, The Pope Is Here dedication. Phaedra’s sister can never deny her mother, she is the spitting image of her! Phaedra’s mother who is a pastor, Regina Bell and father Pastor Henry Parks officiate the ceremony. Cynthia is the only one of the cast mates who makes it to the ceremony on time.

Riley is helping out her mother at her store Tags. That is all I will say on that scene.

Damon visits Sheree and he has decided not to propose to Tierra, as the decision is scary and monumental. He wants to do it right, to make sure everything is correct; time, money and feelings. That is the second best decision he has made this season, right after that visit to the dentist, which I hope he makes soon.

Kim and Kroy arrice late, at the south of the border Zamunda, soiree, as the location was 2 hours away their home. Phaedra understands that Kroy just got back from camp and they have a new baby. Phaedra seats Kim and Kroy next to Cynthia and Peter. Cynthia hopes everyone gets along and that think about the love of Christ. Just like how Phaedra thought about Christ during that graduation ceremony for the Prince of Zamunda. The Thomas’ and Kim and Kroy have an uncomfortable conversation. Cynthia mentions Kim missed a great trip. Peter leaves the table and Cynthia wonders why she has to be at the table alone with them, well Cynthia, Peter didn’t talk about Kim, you did.

Ayden at 15 months old is 25.6 lbs and KJ is 6 months and almost 17 lbs. That is a well fed baby. The Thomas’ leave and talk outside, you know they’re waiting for Kim to leave too. Kim decides to speak to Cynthia about what she heard about holding a black baby in an orphanage. Cynthia doesn’t think it’s the time or the place to discuss that. Kim states that’s why she asked her outside. Cynthia but we are still at the event. Ok. Kim states that it bothered her, Cynthia rebuts that Kim has said things that bothered her too. Is this high school? Own what you did or didn’t say, but don’t respond with you have bothered me too, that is not why you talked about Kim. Cynthia then in her interview states in all honesty she didn’t remember what was said (she said Kim wouldn’t hold the babies, she didn’t say Black, but Black was inferred as that is the color of the babies) and apologized to Kim, who accepted her apology.

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