Real Housewives of Atlanta | Season 4, Episode 19

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All Pomp But No Circumstance

Cynthia meets with Kim for lunch and states she doesn’t think Kim is racist and she apologizes. Black Baby Gate, will just not end will it? Cynthia asks Kim if she and Nene will ever talk and make up. Kim seriously states after Nene gets 5 years of counseling. Like that will happen. They make up and suggest double dating. Right.

Nene is in LA with her assistant Andre, she is meeting with the creator of Glee, as you know she did get the part as Roz Washington. Nene claims to have been acting. The LA Imagie is wearing on her right now, what she meant was the LA imagery. Nene’s room is ok, Andre thinks it’s the Ritz. Andre’s room was of course smaller, he is not pleased, Andre you are the help! Later downstairs at bar at the hotel, Nene and Andre have drinks, Audre’s scarf and jacket was distracting. Nene seems surprised that her dress is falling off boobs, was she unconscious when she put the dress on? In walks comedian Steve Harvey and his wife Marjorie, with her knickle busting, cornea searing engagement ring. Nene asks for some advice about moving to LA. Steve states most people maintain their home in another state, while living part time in Los Angeles. Nene mulls over moving and how she can get her son Brentt with his father Greg’s permission. A minute later in walks Keisha, is this a night of a thousand stars? Nene asks her opinion about moving to LA also. No, Keisha is not joining the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Kroy asks Jim for Kim’s hand in marriage. Was Joe looking for extra airtime his questions and answer session asking Kroy his intentions seemed forced and wasn’t needed. Joe calls Karen to tell her the good news, she of course is happy, Mr & Mrs Zolciak ended their relationship rather awkwardly.

Cynthia business motto, always seems to be, let’s wait until the last meeting, so I can be overwhelmed and anxious. Peter advises Cynthia for her first event that no more than 30 people can be in the building as she will be over capacity and the fire department will shut her down. Why didn’t she know this before hand? Who is her office manager?

Kandi has a video conference with the co-owner of the Bedroom Kandi distributor and the designer of her products. Did Kandi actually give the designer her ideas and he worked his magic or is she just putting her name on the product. Either way she is laughing all the way to the bank.

Phaedra is an apprentice at the Willie Watkins Funeral Home and has been getting experience in funeral handling. Enter a grieving brother and sister who just lost their father and their mother a few months previous. The scene looked staged and very fake. She did a good job and seemed to be very caring. The total for the funeral expenses was over $14,000. Those ads I see on tv about insurance and social security only covering $255. Of course it is revealed that the scene was set up with a mock family. Phaedra of course was crushed as she wants to dive head first into this newest cash cow. What happened to Phaedra’s law degree, her law firm and her clients? Has she forgotten about being an entertainment lawyer?

Willie Watkiss is being honored in Atlanta, she invites the ladies and asks them to dress like they are coming to church. It is boring and long and the ladies, let you know they are bored out of their skulls. Couldn’t Phaedra have informed her it may be a lengthy event? Kim and Sheree go outside and Kim announces her engagement with a gorgeous ring. Sheree is super excited, a little too She By Sheree, excited actually (fake). Kim asks her to be a bridesmaid, which is nice. But didn’t Sheree try to pull off her wig a few seasons ago? I need to pull off a wig, to cement a lifelong friendship apparently.

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